Employer costs for an employee in India

Is your dream candidate in India? Or maybe you want to expand your business there? Estimate the cost of an employee in India.

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International hiring introduces a whole new set of labor and tax laws that get complicated, fast. Deel handles all the local benefits, payroll, taxes, and compliance when hiring an international employee.

Even if they make the same salary, the cost of employees varies from country to country due to unique tax rates, healthcare requirements, and more. We estimated the total cost employers can expect when they hire an employee with a $100,000 salary in India.

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How to use the guide

This guide gives you a ballpark estimate of the mandatory employer cost of hiring an employee in India. The final costs may differ from the provided estimates for a few reasons. Some countries assess tax by income levels, some have caps on total tax, some change based on particular industries, and some rates vary based on your employee’s city or region.

Also, since currency exchange rates fluctuate, salary costs can shift from month to month if you pay in a different base currency.

Your estimate generally doesn’t include costs for vacation, sick pay, private health insurance, and other employer-provided benefits. Onboarding expenses are also not included.