Floship recrute son équipe internationale en deux jours grâce à la gestion des indépendants de Deel

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Global logistics solutions for eCommerce

Floship is a leading global logistics tech solutions provider specializing in end-to-end cross-border logistics and fulfillment for eCommerce companies and large-scale crowdfunding campaigns. They aim to simplify a conventionally complicated logistics process and give online store owners back their time to focus on what matters most to their business.

Le problème

A sense of security for remote workers

As they expanded, Floship encountered roadblocks when it came to hiring quickly and compliantly. Not only did they find it to be very costly to source and consult with local experts for each new hire, but there were also lengthy lead times that impacted their hiring process. Given the current competitive job market—a lengthy and complicated hiring process could also mean that Floship would miss out on great talent and business opportunities.

Through a partner, Floship was introduced to Deel. They came to Deel to streamline their international hiring process. As a result, Floship now uses Deel to hire full-time employees and freelancers globally.

La solution

The fast pass to the global talent pool

Thanks to the transparency of Deel’s platform, Floship’s potential hires are assured that they’re being hired legitimately and compliantly. Carmen Fan, Head of Marketing at Floship, notes that this is especially key to companies like Floship, who are hiring remotely. Given that these potential remote workers can only connect with the company through their website or LinkedIn. In those circumstances, “working through a trusted platform like Deel gives them extra peace of mind,” she explains.

Nowadays, job seekers are increasingly looking at the tools and vendors corporations use to gauge what a company values. “Using Deel speaks something to our culture. We always strive to empower talent by providing them with new tools to help them achieve more, no matter where they work,” Fan shared.

The ability to tap into a world of talent in the gig economy in a new way has been a huge benefit for Floship. As a wave of talent moved to freelance or relocated, Deel enabled Floship to tap into that talent pool to land new hires, no matter where they are located. With the ability to focus on finding workers with the right skill sets, regardless of location, Floship is able to “serve its customers with a robust and highly capable team,” said Fan.

Since using Deel, the Floship team has saved time and costs by making their hiring process easier, quicker, and smoother internally and externally. Deel’s templates and reporting systems have freed up time spent on cumbersome administrative tasks like payroll and reporting when hiring in new markets.

"Unrestricted talent search across borders allows us to hire and onboard in as little as two days, a process that used to take weeks or even months."

Carmen Fan,

Head of Marketing at Floship

Les résultats

Solution for retaining talents

Through Deel, Floship’s remote workers no longer feel disconnected from their organization; their team is closer and more connected than ever before. With the ability to offer benefits, their overseas workers feel fully integrated into the global team, making it even easier to transition into full-time roles whenever needed. With Deel, Floship has been able to retain its top team members, even in the case of relocation.

“When the conflict started in Europe, some of our team members in Ukraine had to relocate. Thanks to Deel, we were able to provide those team members with job security and flexibility, which helped reduce the amount of stress they were feeling at the time,” shared Fan.

"With Deel, companies can affordably go global, making the process transparent and cost-effective. It empowers businesses to expand and build overseas teams."

Carmen Fan,

Head of Marketing at Floship

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