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What is a job description?

Why do you need a job description?

Components of a job description

Efficiently hire a global team

What is a job description

A job description is a statement that explicitly outlines the requirements for a position within a company, describing the details and conditions of the job.

A job description defines essential job duties, responsibilities, and skills required to do the job. By outlining job responsibilities, the hiring process is streamlined as job applicants have a better understanding of the specific role.

What is a job description?

A job description can also be described as a job specification, job profile, and position description. The document clearly states essential job requirements and skills for a specific job so that the right candidate applies for the role.

An effective job description goes beyond key responsibilities to include how employee performance will be measured, any required work experience, salary range, and perks offered with the job.

Hiring managers are usually responsible for writing job descriptions. However, additional team members and managers may offer more information and better describe the responsibilities of the position.

Why do you need a job description?

A job description plays a key role in the recruitment process by defining the position and attracting qualified candidates. Job profiles benefit both HR managers and job seekers by making the hiring process streamlined and efficient.

Benefits for HR professionals

A well-written job description helps the hiring team run an efficient recruitment campaign, saving time and money by reducing the number of unqualified candidates. 

Addressing specific points from the job description effectively lays the foundation for interview questions. They also serve as checkpoints for existing employee evaluations and performance reviews. 

Human resource management can also use essential functions mentioned in the job description to plan and implement training sessions or create goals and development plans for company growth. 

Benefits for job seekers

A comprehensive job description helps job seekers determine whether a particular job is a good fit for them, especially regarding goals, interests, and skills.

After reading a job description, applicants can tweak their application materials to best reflect their fit for the job and prepare for interview questions. 

Embarking on a job search can be time-consuming, and a well-written job description saves time by helping applicants disregard misaligned jobs and pursue relevant job listings. 

Comparing similar job postings empowers job seekers to better understand industry standards, which is especially valuable for remote work opportunities.

Components of a job description

There are various job description templates available online, helping hiring managers start their search for a qualified candidate. 

great job description template will include the following key information, depending on the level of the position. 

  • General overview of the company, job title, and purpose
  • Responsibilities of the job position
  • Goals and objectives of the job
  • Working conditions
  • Certifications, qualifications, and years of experience
  • Immediate supervisor
  • Salary range
  • Special circumstances, such as travel

Some job openings may have specific requirements, such as physical requirements and supervisory responsibilities. The more detailed the job description, the better the quality of applicants. 

Remember that a job description is just the start of the hiring process. While the profile may weed out unqualified candidates, job descriptions have limitations. For example, a newly created role is more flexible. 

Constantly revise job descriptions and ensure they are up to date and relevant, especially as the company grows and evolves.

Interviews and test assignments are important to further qualify a candidate and ensure that the company hires the best fit.

Efficiently hire a global team

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