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How do visa services work?

How do service providers assist with the visa application process?

What’s the role of HR in visa services?

How do visa services contribute to global hiring?

How can visa services support global mobility?

Are there any legal or compliance issues related to visa services?

How can HR improve their visa services?

How can businesses measure the impact of visa services?

Simplify visa processes with Deel

What are visa services

Visa services refer to the assistance provided by experts in navigating the visa process. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from providing information on requirements to assisting with paperwork.

The main aim of visa services is to streamline the application process, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve the chances of applicants getting approval.

How do visa services work?

Service providers guide individuals (and potentially their sponsors) through the visa application. Depending on your needs, they can support many types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, including:

These services may be government entities, third-party companies, or your organization’s in-house team. Companies may use a combination of the three for visa support.

Third-party providers can provide local support or operate in multiple foreign countries. For example, Deel has visa services for over 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, and India. Use our visa checker to see if we can support your desired location.

How do service providers assist with the visa application process?

The process typically begins with the applicant or sponsor identifying a need for the visa, for example, an employee relocation or international hire. They then reach out to the visa service provider.

After confirming the candidate meets visa requirements, the service provider can:

  • Offer guidance on legal matters and the best types of visas
  • Assist in gathering all the supporting documents
  • Complete and submit paperwork
  • Schedule appointments such as interviews and medical checks
  • Monitor the application progress
  • Give updates in real-time
  • Help the applicant respond to requests for additional information
  • Support visa renewals and appeals for unsuccessful applications

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What’s the role of HR in visa services?

HR plays a critical role in visa services, whether your company handles the process in-house or outsources it to a third party. The department works closely with candidates, providers, and government agencies to ensure the success of the application.

During and after the application process, they help ensure the company is compliant with all the relevant laws and regulations. They also check dates and times to ensure the applicant can meet deadlines at every stage.

Given how stressful the visa process can be, HR also plays a vital role in supporting the candidates. They act as their government and company liaison and assist with any issues that arise. After approval, HR can help workers set up in the new location and start onboarding them.

How do visa services contribute to global hiring?

You can facilitate and streamline the complex process of obtaining work visas for international employees using visa services. As a result, you ensure you have access to a wider talent pool and hire the right skills for your organization.

By getting expert guidance on the visa process, companies can find the most favorable options and ensure compliance with local laws. That means they’re more likely to have success hiring and retaining candidates from different countries.

If you don’t have the resources for a dedicated in-house team, visa services like Deel allow you to outsource global hiring. You can receive guidance and support for a range of visa types without straining your budget or stretching your team.

In terms of strategy, visa services can help you make more informed decisions about global hiring. Many countries experience high demand and have caps on categories or introduce visa lotteries. Deel can give you updates, help you spot opportunities abroad, and maintain continuous compliance with changing regulations.

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How can visa services support global mobility?

Visa services like Deel help you understand and comply with various requirements across different jurisdictions. We have local experts such as lawyers and accountants in every country to ensure your company can support visas practically anywhere.

When you can relocate workers to almost anywhere, you can offer them total location flexibility. You can relocate new hires to your headquarters, send key workers to head new divisions overseas, and support digital nomads.

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The key areas of concern are related to maintaining compliance with local and international laws. Here are the main challenges:

  • Accurately representing the situation to avoid claims of fraud
  • Meeting the terms of the specific visa category
  • Ensuring the job offer complies with employment laws
  • Obtaining all the necessary licenses
  • Keeping sensitive information secure on your system
  • Updating authorities about any changes in visa status

How can HR improve their visa services?

By adopting several strategies, HR teams can enhance the effectiveness of their visa services and help companies make the most of opportunities.

Leverage technology

Using in-app trackers can help you stay updated with the progress of applications and ahead of deadlines. Deel’s platform lets you receive notifications and alerts about pending issues, especially visa expiration dates. Applicants can also log into the system to receive news and updates, which can alleviate stress and uncertainty.

Consolidate the workflow

Managing the process in one place saves time as there’s less back and forth between HR, applicants, and outside parties. You can reduce delays while waiting for replies or important documents if you’re operating in time zones.

Many immigration services like Deel provide an employee portal where you can request essential paperwork, and applicants can upload them. You can manage everything from travel documents and contracts to confidentiality waivers there.

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Build relationships with experts

To support global mobility, you must be able to sponsor and hire teams anywhere. As this requires a lot of local expertise, you’ll have to enlist the help of specialists in different countries.

Visa services like Deel already have teams in all the jurisdictions where they operate so you have a ready-made professional network.

Create clear policies

Outlinig the team’s responsibilities allows you to set realistic expectations for employers and employees and reduce confusion. You can also advertise what your company has to offer and encourage teams to take advantage of the benefits. If you include FAQs about your visa services, you can help different departments answer their own questions quickly.

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Provide training

All HR personnel and related departments can receive training on visa processes. Well-informed teams can manage applications more efficiently and provide better support to employees. As departments will know what to expect, they’ll also have greater peace of mind over the process themselves.

How can businesses measure the impact of visa services?

It’s possible to measure the effect of visa services by tracking the following metrics:

  • Percentage of successful applications and renewals
  • Number of international hires and relocations
  • Amount of applicants processed at one time
  • Time to complete the process (compared to average)
  • Employee satisfaction ratings
  • Total spent on services and processes
  • Any reduction in penalties or fines incurred

Simplify visa processes with Deel

Deel offers you total flexibility and control over international hires and employee relocations. We offer:

  • Live updates on the visa process
  • Fast-tracking for applications
  • Personalized one-on-one support

Learn more about Deel Immigration to see how our team can help you enhance global mobility and expand abroad.

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