Equip your team (compliantly) with equipment

Giving independent contractors equipment can lead to misclassification. Now you can compliantly provide your team what they need —from laptops to standing desks.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
February 10, 2021

Many companies don't realize it, but issuing equipment can bring its fair share of legalities and issues. Allowing contractors to purchase and expense their equipment can lead to misclassifications (and even fines). Deel Equipment helps to fix that. Now you can compliantly provide your team with exactly what they need—from phones and tablets to computers and standing desks.

As you continue to build your workforce, it's essential to keep workers happy and enable them to do their best job. Deel Equipment helps to do just that while keeping you compliant.

Directly from your Deel dashboard, send an agreement to compliantly provide and manage your team’s equipment, covering all your business bases.

Ready, set, here’s how to send equipment.

To get started:

  • Head to the contracts tab in your Deel dashboard
  • Choose a contractor with an active contract
  • Select the type of equipment, write a description, and send your usage agreement
  • Collect signatures 

After that:

  • View their address
  • Pack the equipment
  • Send it right to their door

That's pretty much it. Returns work similarly. When a contract comes to an end, you can quickly request the equipment's return along with documentation. All seamlessly from your Deel account.

We hope this feature helps you 10x your team's productivity by allowing you to track, send, and equip your team compliantly with the essential tools they need to do their best work. After all, a happy team is truly the dream.

If you're ready to get started and send your first phone, laptop, tablet, or ergonomic desk stool, click here. If you need a little bit more help on how to start providing equipment, you can check out this handy tutorial.

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