Grâce à Deel, Crimson Education est parvenu à recruter dans de nouveaux pays avec plus de flexibilité

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Meet Crimson

Crimson Education is a global university admissions consultancy. Its network of 2,400 expert tutors and mentors is managed by staff in 25 locations around the world.

Crimson also operates an online high school, Crimson Global Academy. The school intakes both full-time and part-time students. Teachers, strategists, and support workers are a mix of employees and contractors hired all over the world to cater to every time zone.

Le problème

Bridging the gap and ensuring retention

Crimson recently had two contractors looking to become full-time employees—an IT worker in India and a strategist relocating home to Sweden. “They were such great members of the team that we really wanted to keep them,” said Rillstone, “but because these were new countries for us, we were overwhelmed by the local compliance required to hire them full-time.”

He continues, “I'm in charge of compliance, but there's no way anyone can be an expert on every country in the world. Deel handled all of it, including answering our team member’s questions directly through their platform.”

La solution

Crimson's global hiring and compliance partner

Rillstone believes finding talent is easier than ever because Deel opens up a wide talent pool. “Not only can we hire in markets in which we are already based, but it doesn't matter if someone's in Belgium or Morocco because we can hire them too, and Deel plays a part in helping with that,” said Rillstone.

My favourite things about Deel are support and coverage, said Rillstone. “It’s great being able to direct employees to the support line where everyone is so helpful. And it seems that every time I ask Deel, ‘are you set up in Morocco?’ or ‘are you set up in Belgium?’ for example, the answer is always yes. So they have huge coverage and the support is fantastic.

I’ve evaluated other solutions but we’re sticking with Deel because it covers anywhere and everywhere and gives us the confidence that things are being done properly.”

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