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Meet Firstbase.i, founded in 2019, aims to help entrepreneurs from all over the globe easily incorporate, manage, and grow their businesses in the US. They enable teams to manage time zones, culture, security, and other challenges remote teams face when scaling.

Le problème

Keeping up with a global presence

Getting to first base around the world was looking for a product to help them streamline and automate payroll and other HR processes for their entire company, not just in one region. They wanted the ability to manage this function and enable the rest of the team to focus on growing the business. Scaling in an efficient and compliant way was vital.

Time was definitely of the essence

Before Deel, the team at spent hundreds of work hours handling manual tasks, waiting for deposits and payroll, and processing documentation with team members having to submit hours and forms manually, which left a lot of room for error.

La solution

How Deel deals with it

With Deel, has automated over 40 HR-related processes so the team can focus on doing what they do best without being interrupted by direct deposit or invoice retrieval. Documentation, hours, and other admin work are processed quickly, easily, and securely. With over 16 contractors hired in 12 different countries, Deel has vastly improved the employee experience at Team members are delighted knowing that Deel prioritizes their security and safeguards them against scams or data breaches. Plus, employees can log into Deel from anywhere and access any information they need. The flexible payment options are also a great benefit to their team members worldwide.

Les résultats

A homerun for

By automating their HR, and payroll processes, can focus on scaling their organization. They’ve been delighted to find a solution that automates all of their manual tasks, is user-friendly, secure, affordable, and is easily scalable as their organization continues to grow.

Every new team member gets the same seamless, secure, and compliant onboarding experience from the CEO to their latest hire. Productivity has increased, and the team has a better work-life balance because it is easy to use Deel and gets everything done in one place.

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