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The future of PR is AI-driven

Mynewsdesk is leading the PR and communication industry with its AI-driven platform, streamlining the entire PR journey towards a fully automated flow. Mynewsdesk is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and operates in Norway, Denmark, and Germany.

Le problème

From lost time to smart solutions

Mynewsdesk revolves around efficient and automated tools and solutions for their customers. However, they faced a significant challenge with their manual internal payroll administration. When Sandra Kiesel Lindberg took over as Chief People Officer at Mynewsdesk, she aimed to focus on value-adding tasks rather than administrative ones. "We work to strengthen our managers, our employees, and our corporate culture with a focus on engagement and empowerment. This may also involve changing processes adapted to a hybrid operation," says Lindberg.

It became clear that manual payroll management was consuming too much time, causing significant frustration. Lindberg's team had to devote all of their time to managing various systems and regulations to meet the diverse local requirements in the countries where Mynewsdesk operates. Eventually, the situation became unsustainable. "For me, it was an urgent problem that we needed to act on," says Lindberg. She initiated an efficiency-focused project to create a significant change.

During the process, Lindberg discovered Deel Global Payroll, which offered solutions for global payroll management—exactly what the team needed. With Deel’s Global Payroll, the time spent on payroll administration decreased dramatically.

La solution

A truly adaptable solution

Mynewsdesk’s vision was to automate everything related to manual payroll administration to transform the unsustainable situation they were working in. “My expectation was that, through AI and good system support, we wouldn’t need to spend time manually transferring numbers from one system to another,” explained Lindberg.

As the team searched, Deel was unmatched in its comprehensive solution and flexibility. While Deel could offer adaptability, many other providers either lacked coverage in certain countries or Mynewsdesk had to adapt to their systems, which Lindberg found to be outdated. “Deel was willing to make adjustments based on our needs,” says Lindberg about Deel's API. The Deel API integrated seamlessly with Mynewsdesk’s HR system, saving both time and resources.

Les résultats

Mynewsdesk saves 120 hours monthly with Deel Global Payroll

Thanks to Deel’s Global Payroll, Mynewsdesk has undergone a significant efficiency transformation. They have moved from having a full-time employee dedicated solely to payroll administration to now only needing to spend 4-5 working days on the same task. This amounts to a saving of about 120 hours per month.

Lindberg also highlights the competent and responsive support from Deel, which has been present throughout the entire process. “I feel that we have met very dedicated and committed people, and Deel has allocated all the necessary resources to ensure our needs and satisfaction.”

 “We have streamlined and automated a typically very heavy administrative process. This frees up time for us to focus on value-creating activities. This solution has made administration much simpler,”

Sandra Kiesel Lindberg ,

Chief People Officer at Mynewsdesk

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