Grâce à Deel, Prenetics peut recruter en toute conformité des talents spécialisés, où qu’ils soient

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A health sciences company with a focus on diagnostics and genetic testing

Prenetics is a genomics-driven health sciences company focused on prevention, early detection, and treatment. Its products include CircleDNA, a leading consumer DNA test; Insighta, a pioneer in multi-cancer early detection technologies; and ACT Genomics, an award-winning treatment unit for comprehensive genomic profiling of solid tumors.

Le problème

The need to compliantly hire specialty talent around the world

While Prenetics has roots in preventive and personalized healthcare, it also produced rapid antigen test (RAT) kits and operated testing centers in Hong Kong during the height of the COVID pandemic. However, its focus has pivoted to the preventive area of health sciences, impacting its talent and hiring strategy.

Prenetics had to shift away from hiring localized and operations-heavy roles within Hong Kong towards specialized talent by widening its search to a global talent pool. That shift came with its own unique set of challenges.

Samantha Kwok, Vice President of People and Operations at Prenetics, understood from experience that building entities all over the world to compliantly hire and pay talent was an inefficient use of time and resources. She also wanted to stay flexible and hire wherever the talent was. “We’re looking for very specialized talent…that requires us to look all over the globe. Prenetics is ready to hire them wherever they are, and we want to do so quickly while ensuring that compliance comes first,” said Kwok.

La solution

Access to a global talent pool, attractive perks, and benefits

Kwok worked with a remote-first company in the past to run a hybrid team and was familiar with the specific remote-first solutions but needed the best on the market to achieve Prenetic’s new global hiring strategy. That’s when they chose Deel to access the global talent pool and onboard new members.

One of the biggest perks, Kwok noted, is the peace of mind candidates have knowing their contract is compliant with a full package of perks and benefits despite being remote workers. “While we see no shortage of talent once we expand our search globally, it is still difficult to find the right match, especially for our industry. It’s therefore important that we are able to provide attractive and competitive packages, which we can effortlessly do with Deel,” said Kwok.

Les résultats

Transparency from offer to onboarding

Thanks to Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management, Prenetics sends candidates offers complete with all the perks and benefits. Kwok finds that candidates welcome transparency, and Deel creates an enjoyable experience from offer to onboarding, eliminating multiple back-and-forth emails. “All the information is upfront in a user-friendly dashboard, one that they can easily pull up to check on all the core things that matter to them in a way that is clear and easy to keep track of. Employee experience matters a lot for Prenetics, and we believe that experience should start at the offer stage,” said Kwok.

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