SiteMinder s’est développé à l'international sans stress sur de nouveaux marchés, tout en assurant sa conformité

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Global compliance is top of mind

Founded in 2006, SiteMinder has become the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform, designed for hotels and accommodation providers to sell, market, manage, and grow its business.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, SiteMinder is a global company with offices in Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London, and Manila. Today, the company generates more than100 million reservations worth over US$35 billion in revenue for hotels each year.

With employees working around the world and new offices in the works, ensuring compliance with local employment and tax laws was a constant challenge for SiteMinder. Because it's a publicly-listed organization, the company is subject to stringent audit and regulatory compliance standards.

Le problème

Consistent processes offer simplification and scale

SiteMinder needed to comply with the employment and tax laws in a number of regional markets where it was expanding and its previous employer of record (EOR) lacked the streamlined efficiency they needed.

« Je cherchais quelque chose de plus simple, de plus mondialisé, d’évolutif et, pour ce qui me concerne, un service client plus performant, déclare Bec Donnelly, Vice President of People chez SiteMinder. Nous avons voulu trouver une solution plus simple, plus efficace et plus évolutive à l’international. »

La solution

New efficiencies lead to confident expansion

Choosing Deel was an easy decision; the platform simplifies SiteMinder’s global compliance and provides the scalability needed to be globally consistent with its HR operations around the world

Since partnering with Deel, SiteMinder has seen new efficiencies in its employee hiring processes in international markets. This gives Donnelly confidence in her company’s ability to hire new people to scale in countries where it wants to expand.

“Deel provides in-country support with clear processes. The easy to use platform ensures we can streamline operations across our whole organization, from our talent acquisition team through to accounts payable, and understand when and who they need to engage with. It's simplification in motion.”

Bec Donnelly,

Vice President of People, SiteMinder

Les résultats

Seamless global and compliant hiring

« Actuellement, Deel prend en charge, pour nous, environ 52 employés répartis dans environ 11 pays, explique B. Donelly. Grâce au tableau de bord de Deel, nous gérons efficacement ces 52 personnes sur une seule et même plateforme. Pour nos équipes de gestion de la paie à l’international, ce système fonctionne très bien.

Using Deel, Bec now feels more assured that SiteMinder’s team members are being paid, employed, and serviced correctly within their own countries and time zones.

“Transitioning to Deel has saved us approx 2-3 days per month in administration time and costs. We used to have multiple people across the globe trying to coordinate and diagnose issues or run manual processes. The time saved includes multiple salaries and productivity time.”

Deel facilite la croissance des équipes en remote et internationales






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