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Deel’s mighty new trio: PEO, US Payroll, and Benefits Admin

With Deel’s enhanced suite of US services—PEO (Professional Employer Organization), US payroll, and benefits administration—you can finally enjoy the value of having one unified HR platform to seamlessly onboard, pay, and compliantly manage teams wherever they’re based.

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
September 14, 2023

If your company manages employees in the US and abroad, you’re likely familiar with the complexities of juggling multiple payroll and HR management platforms. And as your company grows, managing your HR operations effectively becomes more challenging.

With Deel’s enhanced suite of US services—PEO (Professional Employer Organization)*, US payroll, and benefits administration—you can finally enjoy the value of having one unified HR platform to seamlessly onboard, pay, and compliantly manage teams wherever they’re based. 

Say 'so long' to fragmented systems

We often hear complaints about using multiple payroll and benefits systems from teams with US and international employees. This patchwork approach to workforce management creates a fragmented view of a business’s workforce and HR data and also absorbs an organization’s time. Plus, the financial burden can be significant, especially considering the potential overlap in functionalities and resources.

In 2022, more than a third of companies used between 6 and 10 HR systems, while others used upwards of 20. Switching between multiple workforce management platforms can be feasible for smaller teams, but as an organization grows, more critical it becomes to find an all-in-one HR system.

At Deel, we believe in simplifying your HR processes and providing an optimal experience for all. With the addition of PEO and US payroll solutions, you can significantly reduce duplicative, costly work and consolidate your tech stack.

Expert compliance, payroll, and benefits* with Deel's US PEO services

Deel's PEO solutions offer tremendous value to small and growing businesses. From automating nationwide employee onboarding to reducing HR and benefits administration costs while providing Fortune500-caliber benefits and enhancing compliance on a single platform supported by a dedicated team of experts, our PEO service empowers your business.

We’ve partnered with trusted providers to offer you access to market-leading benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k)* savings plans, EPLI, Workers’ Compensation, and customized perks, at an affordable price.

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Setting a new standardunlocking advanced HR features at no cost

Unlike many legacy PEOs and platforms, we provide a robust suite of HR features free of charge for companies with up to 200 employees. Enjoy automated employee onboarding, document management, HR workflows, and comprehensive reports—all within our easy-to-use, reliable platform.

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By handing off your HR operations to us, you can free up valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the complexities of HR and compliance holding you back.

We're also introducing seamless US payroll and benefits administration

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of US payroll laws and regulations can be a daunting task. That's where Deel's expertise shines. We're well-versed in the intricacies of US payroll and benefits administration, ensuring accurate calculations of federal and state payroll taxes.

Unlike most other payroll platforms, Deel allows you to make last-minute payroll adjustments and instantly see the updated payroll calculation reflecting those changes, allowing for shorter cut-off dates.

Effortless payroll in 3 easy steps

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With our new product, Benefits Administration, you can centralize your benefits on Deel and do away with manual errors and duplicate work. Our platform streamlines payroll calculations, helping ensure accurate data. Benefits enrollment is automated to save you time and reduce administrative burdens.

Plus, our intuitive platform enables employees to view their benefits, understand plan details, and make informed choices. With Deel, your employees can take control of their benefits journey with just a few clicks.

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With all of these new services, only Deel offers this powerful combination of PEO, US payroll, global payroll, HRIS, and employee and contractor onboarding. All things global HR, all on Deel.

Ready to bring everyone into a single system and enjoy one view for your entire global team? Book a demo and we'll be in touch. 

See the new suite of US services in action

Join our webinar “Navigating employment law compliance, benefits, and HR in the US” to learn about key considerations when choosing the right partner in this expert-led webinar and see Deel’s new products for paying and managing employees in the US.

* Provided by Deel PEO US, LLC, Deel Employment Services, LLC, or through Deel's partnership with licensed providers where required

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