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How to Register as a Sole Proprietor in North Macedonia

A sole proprietor (трговец поединец) is a person who performs any of the commercial activities defined by the Law on Trade Companies in North Macedonia. Learn everything about the registration process, documentation, and taxation.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
August 12, 2021
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North Macedonia, with a population of roughly 2,1 million, is neither big nor a populous country. However, the indicator measuring the number of freelancers and sole proprietors per 1,000 citizens is the highest in the world. It equals 3,41. And we’re only talking about these remote employees who are registered on the popular freelancing sites.

Disclaimer: Be aware that this article is not a substitute for legal advice. Please always check official websites or seek legal advice before you take action.

Who is a sole proprietor (tрговец поединец) in North Macedonia?

A sole proprietor (трговец поединец) is a person who performs any of the commercial activities defined by the Law on Trade Companies.

The sole proprietor is liable for their obligations personally and unlimitedly with all their property. Any legally-capable natural person with a permanent place of residence in the Republic of North Macedonia can be registered in the Trade register as a sole proprietor. The status of a sole trader is acquired by the entry in the Trade register.

Entering the Trade register

The application for entry of a sole proprietor in the trade register is submitted by the natural person, who requests to be registered as a sole proprietor or their proxy with a special power of attorney which states the data entered in the trade register.

The application for registration states:

  • Name and surname
  • Unique identification number of the citizen and the place of residence
  • The company under which the activity will be performed
  • The headquarters from where the activity and the subject of operation will be performed

A natural person registered as a sole proprietor may not, at the same time, on any grounds, be registered as a sole proprietor under another firm.

The MDC Tariff determines the total costs for the entire registration process.

Electronic registration system

You can make all entries on establishing, change, and deleting registration entities through the electronic registration system in the Trade Register and other legal entities’ register. You can do all that online, without the need to come to the Central Registry offices.

You can apply online for registration 24 hours a day.

Every change of the data, as well as the accession of a partner in the company, i.e., the withdrawal of a partner from the company, are registered in the Trade register.

You can get all the necessary forms for registration in the Trade register, free of charge from all Regional and Registration offices of the Central Register, or download them electronically.

A natural person may not be registered as a sole proprietor if:

  • Bankruptcy proceedings have been opened against them;
  • It was determined that the person intentionally caused bankruptcy, due to which the creditors could not collect their claims during the ban on performing the activity determined by the decision of the court;
  • this person is prohibited from performing any of the activities determined by this Law, while the prohibition lasts.

Document requirements to register as a sole trader in North Macedonia

  • application for registration of trade register
  • notarized signature of the sole proprietor
  • a statement from the natural person that they have not been banned from performing any of the activities defined by the Law on Trade Companies (Company Law)
  • a statement from the natural person that they have duly paid the tax liabilities and the contributions for pension, disability, and health insurance, i.e., that under Article 29 of the Company Law, there is no obstacle to acquire the status of a sole trader.

Taxes for sole traders in North Macedonia

The basis for calculating the income tax from self-employment is the difference between the total income and the total expenses of the taxpayer, increased by the unrecognized expenses for tax purposes.

The calculation and payment of the income tax from the independent activity is done at a rate of 10%.

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