Comment Deel Contractor Management a aidé Turing à accélérer les paiements de plus de 500 travailleurs

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Turing helps businesses hire from the top 1% of software developers. They screen and hire vetted software developers across 100+ skills like React, Node, Python, Golang, Angular, Swift, Java, and more. Their powerful software enables companies to efficiently manage remote developers with automatic time tracking, daily stand-ups, and more.

Le problème

Documents all over the place

When it came to compliance before using Deel Contractor Management, Turing handled all compliance manually, and it involved a ton of back-and-forth via email with new teams to collect necessary compliance docs.

The team used to use Western Union to handle payments, which often had delays and came with fees for contractor payments. They were processing payments for around 150 contracts and using spreadsheets to manage it all. Their documents were all over the place, and it would take them days of manual work just to pay their team.

Having no guarantee that money would arrive on payday left a lot of developers unhappy. A big selling point of Deel was the idea that they could consolidate seamless payments and compliance on one platform and give their developers a reliable payday and overall experience.

Turing a mené un projet pilote avec trois plateformes, dont Deel. Pour tester leur facilité d’utilisation, la société y a onboardé 20 personnes. À ses yeux, Deel s’est démarqué par sa conception et la disponibilité de son support.

One of the biggest reasons they chose Deel Contractor Management was compliance and its ability to get everything set up correctly in each country. Some competitors opt for a standardized template across all countries, whereas Deel accounts for the importance of local laws in individual countries and structures contracts to comply wherever Turing's developers reside. For Turing, this is what made Deel really stand out.

Even though they found some competitors could manage payments, they couldn't do it with the same ease and speed as Deel Contractor Management.

« Par sa maîtrise de la législation de chaque pays et sa capacité à structurer correctement les contrats, Deel est vraiment à part. Et même si certains concurrents permettent aussi d’effectuer des paiements, ce n’est jamais aussi simple qu’avec Deel. »

Sudarshan Sivaraman,

Head of Customer Success & Sales, Turing

La solution

How Deel deals with it

Turing has around 400 developers working for customers and 150 developers working to build Turing. They were able to migrate everyone to Deel Contractor Management in days. Now, they use Deel to manage, pay, and onboard every developer in over 60 different countries. Overall, their experience has been really positive. The team is happy, and they always appreciate the fast response time from Deel and our support team.

Les résultats

Faster, more streamlined payments

For Turing, Deel Contractor Management helped remove all the challenges they previously faced using other platforms. Their old system required a lot of manual work to make payments, which made paying everyone take several days. With Deel Contractor Management, the team can send payments in just a few hours after verifying the recipients' amounts, saving them a lot of time. They’re also able to add bonuses and make payment adjustments with ease.

Autre point appréciable, il est possible d’effectuer un paiement à tout moment grâce aux versements hors cycle. Par exemple, si l’équipe veut ajuster des paiements futurs, elle peut le faire en quelques clics. Deel a contribué à fluidifier le processus de paiement de Turing de bout en bout, en éliminant tous les problèmes posés par l’ancien système. La fonction de reporting permet également à Turing de suivre facilement les paiements pour la comptabilité mensuelle.

Now, Turing has successfully hired more than 5,000 people through Deel.

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