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Hiring talent abroad? Get with the market leader in contractor management. Deel automates HR admin, mitigates misclassification risk, and ensures on-time payments in 150+ countries—all with unrivaled compliance and payment flexibility.

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Deel has revolutionized the way I manage payroll. It's reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective, making it an indispensable too...

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Deel has been an absolute game-changer for me! Their platform is incredibly user-friendly. From streamlining my payroll process to...

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The platform is incredibly intuitive, making it a breeze for me to navigate and get things done efficiently. On top of that, their...

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Deel so far has been very easy to navigate through and evrything is elegantly designed so it is easy to follow.

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User friendly and very easy to use and the security is fabulous.

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I was impressed with Deel's quick services and exceptional support.

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I like that it's easy to use and the customer support was awesome. They were prompt and helped me out.

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Deel has so many options to control everything related to financial management: contracts, invoices, transactions, multiple withdr...

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Deel is great for companies with remote workers worldwide. It helps with paying them, sorting out taxes, and sticking to work laws...

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Onboard contractors confidently with Continuous Compliance™

Deel’s always-on compliance mitigates more risk than any other provider, even as your business evolves. With compliant onboarding, misclassification alerts, and constant legal updates, Deel is the safest way to hire anywhere in the world.


Compliantly onboard new hires

Create, send, and sign locally compliant agreements in seconds. Unlike other systems, we collect country-specific documents and ensure contacts are always up-to-date in 150 countries.


Reduce misclassification risk

Our AI-powered tool uses relevant local case law to help you classify your workers with 90% accuracy. Just answer a few questions and we’ll give you an indication of their classification to avoid compliance risk.


Stay ahead of regulatory changes

Fix costly mistakes before they become a problem. The Deel Compliance Monitor automatically flags changes in local labor laws, tax laws and possible compliance issues—with a recommended action plan.

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Put a stop to time-consuming contractor payments

Reduce admin time on global payments, and give your contractors the best payment experience possible. Deel is equipped with 15 different payment options, features to reduce duplicate, manual work—and has fewer fees than competitors.


Automate invoice management

Unlike other systems, you’ll get instant, digital invoices after each payment. Plus, sync everything to your favorite accounting tools.


Pay globally in one transfer

Review your team’s earnings, approve any expenses, then pay everyone with one bulk payment. We ensure your team is paid on time, every time.


15 flexible payment options

Let your team withdraw their earnings in 150 currencies with unrivalled payment options, including Crypto, Wise, Revolut and more. They’ll save on exchange rates and fees, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.


Give contractors access to Deel Card

With a Deel Card, your team can access their funds fast, spend their earnings securely online or in-store, and hold their balance in USD for more stability.

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Automate HR admin. 
Save hours and hours.

Make spreadsheets and siloed data a thing of the past. 
Our global-first HR system consolidates your entire global workforce—local employees, EORs, and contractors—into one, powerful HR platform designed to give your team an exceptional experience.


Automate onboarding tasks

Deel helps eliminate manual work, and reduces onboarding time by over 50%. In just a few clicks you can run background checks, provision equipment and app access, and automate onboarding tasks and emails.


Manage day-to-day HR

Empower your team with a self-serve HR platform. We make it easy for them to upload documents, track payments, manage time off and expenses, get tax help, and much more.


Convert contractors to employees in 100+ countries

Easily transition a contractor to an employee with our industry leading employer of record  services, or pay them through your own entity, all on Deel. Our HR platform is ready to scale with your business, however you grow.


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How Mixtiles stays compliant and gets a clear view of all things payroll


An international contractor is a self-employed professional who offers services to clients on a project-based or fixed-term basis. International contractors can be located anywhere in the world and are responsible for their own taxes and benefits.

Hiring international contractors offers flexibility and scalability to companies who want to expand globally as it allows them to quickly source, hire and onboard critical talent around the world.

To hire an international contractor it is essential to streamline the hiring, managing and payment process. And be aware of misclassification risks since different countries have different definitions of contractors. Take Deel’s AI-powered misclassification assessment and evaluate potential contractors with more than 90% accuracy.

With Deel you get the most comprehensive solution to hire compliantly and stay compliant.

Before hiring a contractor assess misclassification risks using a tool that combines AI with award-winning research into employment court cases. During onboarding, collect all the necessary documentation, automatically create localized contracts and sign NDAs and DPAs with contractors to ensure data protection. When managing contractors you will receive misclassification risk notifications and can use misclassification tool to make a deeper evaluation.

Deel’s unique Compliance Hub will also help you stay on top of regulatory changes occurring in countries where you hire.

Paying contractors around the world can be a complex process that takes time and focus from your team. With Deel you can easily pay contractors in more than 200 countries, in more than 120 currencies and using more than 8 payment methods. Additionally you can use Deel to pay your contractors in bulk and automate the invoicing process that allows you to pay contractors effortlessly and on time.

Deel offers 8+ different international payment methods that include instant card transfer, bank transfers, Revolut, Paypal, Wise, Payoneer, Coinbase and Deel Card.

Deel Card allows contractors to spend their funds directly for their Deel balance, get payment in their preferred currency and avoid fees when transferring money.

Yes, you can onboard, manage and pay different worker types using Deel. Besides domestic and foreign contractors, Deel offers global payroll tools and is the market leader for employer of record (EOR) solutions that can help you manage all your workforce in one place.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless






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