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Hiring niche skills fast

MELD is a fast-growing start-up with a globally distributed team. It delivers software engineering services and creates Web3 tools for use on blockchains.

It requires talent with very specific skills. However, filling niche roles like blockchain developers, Web3 engineers and UI/UX designers is difficult in any market with talent shortages. MELD needed to broaden its search and hire globally.

It also needed its operations to focus on building the business and not dealing with multiple countries’ labor laws and compliance structures.

O problema

Managing a remote team compliantly

MELD was born to be global. The Founder is situated in Norway, the CTO is in Spain while the rest of the team is spread out between Southeast Asia and multiple locations in Europe. With the team located all over the world and a lean HR department, MELD found it challenging to handle each market's payroll obligations and compliance laws while staying up-to-date with the labor regulations of each country.

It also didn’t want to incorporate an entity in every single jurisdiction where each team member is located.

MELD needed a unified HR platform that would overcome these obstacles and streamline its operations.

“We needed a way to ensure that the right talents are hired compliantly and managed in the most efficient way possible,” says Lavinia Radu, Head of Human Resources. “With Deel, we can find and hire top talent fast, no matter where they live.”

A solução

A one-stop-shop platform that streamlines HR processes

Having a single platform not only efficiently manages team processes, but it also reduces costs and complexities in MELD’s HR technology stack.

Deel HR was chosen for its comprehensive knowledge of international laws and regulations, along with its easy-to-use platform and responsive customer service.

Deel HR has streamlined MELD’s operations and eliminated multiple manual-based tracking systems. MELD now manages every employee on a single platform, ensuring a high-functioning working team despite their remote working environments.

"It doesn't matter where in the world our talent is based. Deel has removed all the pain points around contracts, onboarding, and paying our team. We're now more efficient, and we can focus on building our app as opposed to dealing with hundreds of employment matters.”

Os resultados

Efficiency and intuitivity

Deel HR helps MELD manage their administrative tasks efficiently. Their team is able to conduct many of the admin tasks that previously would have fallen to the HR team.

"Everything is in one place with Deel. Once the deposit is made and there is a timeline, you can expect an effective start date with all the contracts in line with the required local employment regulations without a glitch," said Lavinia. “With Deel, it’s also great how everything is archived. Pulling up a contract when needed or looking back at a paper trail is super easy. Any authorized employee can do it themselves at any time.”

Being involved in the Web3 space, MELD appreciates Deel HR and its efficiency in becoming the future of HR for remote teams, sharing the same sentiments regarding the seamless development of business operations.

"I must congratulate Deel’s UI/UX team. I've been working in tech for the longest time; you don't want your user to go looking for things and trying to figure it out. You just want it to be so intuitive that you don't even have to think when using it, and Deel has done just that," said Lavinia.

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