How Strada uses Deel US Payroll to effortlessly run and manage its payroll

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A empresa

Reinventing software integrations for businesses

Strada is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that helps move data seamlessly across organizations. It’s the fastest way for developers to connect applications like Salesforce and NetSuite, while building complex and high-scale workflows. Replacing boilerplate code and custom scripts, Strada simplifies transformations, scheduling, retries, and deployments, enabling teams to do their most productive work.

O problema

Looking for a solution to pay US employees fast, easily, and compliantly

Strada, a US-founded startup with a remote team, initiated its partnership with Deel during a growth phase when it embraced a global recruitment strategy. The collaboration originated from Strada's aspiration to hire its first international team member, a contractor in Argentina. Navigating the complexities of global hiring and compliance was unknown terrain for Strada's internal team, prompting their search for an expert partner in worldwide compliance and hiring processes. With the seamless onboarding of their initial international hire, Strada continued expanding its team in this manner.

When the time came for Strada to run payroll for US-based employees, it knew that making sure everything was 100% compliant and all legal details were being followed was a top priority. However, it had no experience in hiring and paying US team members, so navigating the ever-changing state and federal taxes, entity registration, local benefits, and all the steps for paying compliantly was a huge challenge for Strada. In order to reach their company goals, they needed a solution and they needed it as fast as possible.

“It was important for us to find a partner that had experience in these HR processes and that offered a seamless experience not only for us but also for our employees,” mentioned Amir Prodensky, co-founder and CEO at Strada.

A solução

A holistic platform to take care of payroll and all things HR

With Deel, Strada found a partner that helped it navigate the complex world of US payroll and global hiring on an all-in-one platform.

By optimizing HR and US payroll with Deel US Payroll, Strada saved a lot of time, enabling them to focus on growing their business instead of taking care of state and federal regulations and compliance, I-9 verification, tax filing and payment, and more. Since using Deel, they have saved over 5 hours per employee on hiring and onboarding and over 4 hours monthly on US payroll.

Deel not only helped Strada save time on HR and payroll but also money. “Just by not having to open our own entities abroad, hire local law firms, and open bank accounts, we’ve managed to save 10k+ USD. When it comes to US payroll, the amount of money saved exceeds thousands of dollars since we didn’t have to hire consultants to set up and maintain our payroll. We can just do it ourselves through Deel’s easy-to-use all-in-one global platform,” said Amir.

“We found everything we needed in Deel – hiring contractors, running US payroll, managing benefits and taxes, setting up new entities, and more, all in one place.”

Amir Prodensky,

Co-founder and CEO at Strada

Os resultados

A comprehensive solution for streamlining internal people processes

Not only does Strada appreciate how all-in-one the Deel platform is, but also how hands-on and fast our customer support has always been. “Since day one, we have always received very fast and hands-on support. It has felt like we have been dealing with experts for each specific subject, plus also getting the support of Deel’s executive team when needed; we have been blown away,” said Amir.

As Strada continues to grow and expand into other international markets, they see Deel as a crucial partner to help handle all things HR and compliance due to the user-friendly experience and consistency they find in our platform. “For us, the more services we can unify onto Deel, the happier we will be,” said Amir.

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