Free Short-Term International Assignment Policy Template

Download our free short-term international assignments policy template to create a clear process for workers undertaking short-term international assignments.

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What's included

Key takeaways

  1. Companies must leverage a mobile workforce to boost business agility and expand their global footprint in the international market.
  2. Implementing a short-term international assignment policy ensures assignments are effective, compliant, and beneficial for both the worker and the organization.
  3. Use this free policy template to simplify and standardize your workforce’s short-term international assignments.

Who will benefit from this policy template?

This policy template will benefit global businesses and their HR departments by creating a clear and comprehensive process for workers undertaking a short-term international assignment. 

International assignments play a crucial role in the success of global companies. The swift, compliant, and cost-effective deployment of team members from their home locations across borders, with minimal disruption, is key to a business’s ongoing expansion and growth.

Policy overview

Short-term international assignment policies are comprehensive frameworks designed to manage various aspects of assigning team members to work in foreign locations for a limited time period of a few months up to one year. 

This policy template includes several key components to ensure the assignments are effective, compliant with laws, and beneficial for both the worker and the organization. Here’s what the policy covers:

  • Policy overview
  • Eligibility
  • Work arrangement terms
  • Immigration support
  • Compensation adjustments 
  • Relocation support
  • Taxation
  • Extensions
  • Repatriation


What is the length of a typical international short-term assignment?

Short-term assignments typically last a few months up to one year. A long-term assignment, on the other hand, lasts one to five years. 

However, it’s important to note that the visa’s length ultimately determines the duration of the assignment.

Does the policy include guidance on relocation support?

Yes. The policy shares guidance around the appropriate relocation support, including:  

  • Relocation allowance 
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Host country housing
  • Transportation
  • Travel insurance
  • Cultural training 
  • Health and safety briefing  

Does the policy provide best practices on compensation adjustments?

Yes. The policy shares best practices for updating a short-term assignee’s compensation to factor in a higher cost of living in the host location.

Does the policy provide best practices on tax compliance?

Yes. The policy shares best practices for handling income tax in the assignee’s home and host country. 

Does the policy cover hardship locations?

While this policy does not provide specific guidance around hardship locations, the customizable nature of the policy means you can edit it to include additional compensation and benefits to compensate for the increased challenges faced by assignees and their families in hardship locations.


Disclaimer: This document does not constitute legal advice. Every business operates under unique circumstances and legal frameworks. Consult with a qualified legal professional to ensure your policy aligns with your specific legal basis.