Free Privacy Policy Template for International Companies

Looking to create your own privacy policy for your global business? Download our free global data privacy policy template to communicate how your global organization collects, uses, stores, shares, and protects personal data in alignment with global privacy laws.

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What's included

Key takeaways

  1. For international companies operating across multiple jurisdictions, having a globally compliant privacy policy template is essential for protecting user information in accordance with global regulatory standards.‘Users’ refers to anyone interacting with your business, including website visitors, mobile app users, third-party services, clients, employees, and contractors.
  2. Deel has created this free custom privacy policy template, vetted by legal and compliance experts, that you can tailor to suit the unique context of your global business.
  3. This free data privacy policy template is built around the world's most stringent data protection laws, such as the GDPR, so that you exceed minimum standards and build trust with users worldwide.

Who will benefit from this policy template?

Whether you're a booming e-commerce store navigating diverse data privacy laws across continents, a community healthcare provider balancing patient trust with international collaborations, or a non-profit organization bridging borders to deliver aid, this global data privacy policy empowers you to operate confidently.

Policy overview

This free global data privacy policy template serves as a legal document outlining your organization's global data privacy practices regarding collecting, processing, and protecting personal information.

To ensure global compliance, the policy references the most stringent privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, among others.

This policy will help you clearly explain the types of data you collect (e.g., contact information, including phone numbers, names, email addresses, IP addresses, payment information such as credit card details), how you collect personal information, how you use it, and for how long you retain it.

Additionally, the policy will help you detail your security measures, data subjects, and user rights (data retention, rectification, erasure, and how users access their data) and how you share user data with third parties and data processing companies.

You can tailor this comprehensive privacy policy to your specific data collection activities and reflect relevant data protection laws and legal requirements.

Include this policy document on a public website privacy policy page, mobile app, and within your marketing and communication materials to ensure optimal accessibility and transparency for users.


Should I use a free privacy policy generator?

While a privacy policy generator may seem like a convenient way to build a global privacy policy, these service providers don't have the legal expertise and knowledge to ensure compliance with complex global regulations, exposing you to fines and trust erosion.

Instead, opting for a global template vetted by legal and compliance experts is a safer way to protect your organization's reputation and ensure compliance across borders. 

Does this resource include privacy policy examples?

This resource goes one step further, providing you with a customizable global data privacy template that you can tailor to suit your organization's unique context. Throughout the document, there are useful explainers and best practices to guide your policy creation process. 

Does this policy cover children's privacy?

While this policy does not support the collection of children's data under the age of 18, it does include a dedicated "children's privacy" section to demonstrate awareness of laws and regulations worldwide impacting children's data and what procedure to take in case of personal information from a minor is collected. 

Will my business be GDPR-compliant under this policy?

We have built this policy around the GDPR, which is widely regarded as one of the world's most stringent data privacy laws. Using this policy, your company will practice GDPR compliance and other strict global privacy regulations. 


Disclaimer: This document does not constitute legal advice. Every business operates under unique circumstances and legal frameworks. Consult with a qualified legal professional to ensure your policy aligns with your specific legal basis.