A Guide to Standardizing Global Expansion for Enterprises

Keep hitting roadblocks when entering new markets? Explore how a standardized global expansion strategy with the support of a unified EOR service can simplify the process.

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This guide includes:

Guide overview

  • The success of your market entry strategy depends on how well you can adapt to opportunities and challenges as they arise. However, market entry can require months of planning and comes with significant risks.
  • A comprehensive EOR service can support a standardized approach by taking care of all the legal and compliance processes across all the locations where you hire. While they deal with all the changeable aspects of expanding internationally, you can keep your internal process consistent.
  • As using multiple providers can create data silos and extra admin, a single solution like Deel is the answer. Our single centralized service covers a network of over 100 countries including full payroll, benefits, and compliance support.

Who will benefit from this guide?

Multinational companies looking to streamline their expansion efforts will benefit most from this guide. You probably want to enter new markets quickly and often simultaneously while reducing costs and minimizing the risks. 

If you’re developing an international expansion strategy, no doubt you encountered many of the obstacles to fast market entry. Businesses must conduct extensive market research, build local HR and payroll teams, and undergo the elaborate entity setup process. Even after all these efforts, there’s no guarantee of success. 

To streamline expansion, you may have turned to EORs and local providers. However, outsourcing your expansion process can cause as many problems as it solves. Teams often struggle to manage all their business operations across all the disparate systems.

Our guide shows growing multinational teams how you can partner with an EOR like Deel to create a sustainable, scalable strategy. You’ll see how a single provider can grant you quick access to target markets while helping you maintain control and visibility over all your locations.

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