A Guide to EOR for Startups

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This guide includes:

Guide overview

  1. Hiring through an EOR can be a vital global expansion strategy for fast-growing startups, as it enables them to engage and retain top talent from highly skilled and cost-effective markets without undergoing entity setup. This simplifies the adoption of remote working models, allows for greater agility during unstable market conditions, reduces compliance risks, and improves the overall employee experience, all while making the startup more appealing to investors and centralizing workforce management
  2. While there’s no right or wrong time to start working with an EOR, engaging one early in your business can significantly reduce the time and effort required for establishing operational infrastructure, assembling teams, and implementing these processes yourself
  3. Once you start leveraging EOR services, like Deel EOR, you’ll have access to over 150 international markets, a sophisticated global workforce management system equipped with all essential engagement tools and integrations, payroll processing and benefits administration, compliance management, expert HR advice, and so much more

Who will benefit from this guide?

  • Startup founders seeking to explore new markets without the immediate commitment of establishing a local entity, due to constraints such as time or financial resources. These individuals are in need of full-time employees (FTEs) to start operations in these new territories
  • CEOs aiming to attract and retain exceptional talent in sectors where competition is fierce. These leaders are looking to tap into a global talent pool for more cost-effective markets to reduce overall employer expenses
  • Business owners concerned with compliance issues may lack the necessary human resources, finance, and legal support to manage local labor laws and regulations across multiple countries or jurisdictions


Will this guide cover how EOR service offerings ensure compliance with local labor laws and employment regulations?

Yes. This guide will delve into the intricacies of how EOR services serve as an essential risk management strategy in international employment contexts.

The guide details how EOR services enable risk mitigation by ensuring adherence to local labor legislation and employment standards, including mandatory employee benefits, payroll regulations, data protection, and security measures.

In addition, the guide clarifies that, by acting as the legal employer, the EOR takes on full liability on behalf of the client company. This effectively reduces the risk of compliance issues, protecting the client company from potential legal disputes and financial repercussions.