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Deel AI’s Expertise, Now on Slack

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February 19, 2024

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July 09, 2024

Last year, we launched Deel AI, our global work assistant. It lets you quickly access global HR information from our legally-vetted knowledge base without the hassle of searching across multiple tools, documents, or platforms. 

With Deel AI, you can double-check compliance rules, dig into your global workforce data, and make smarter business decisions faster using AI. Today, we're stepping up the Deel AI experience by integrating it into Slack—now, answers are just a Slack message away.

With Deel AI in Slack, you can: 

  • Stay informed on local laws and compliance across more than 150 countries by accessing Deel’s global knowledge base.

For example, try asking: What is the sick leave policy in the UK? How many days can I carry over in France?

  • Use our Global Hiring Toolkit to make fast, informed hiring moves. You can ask about the salary range for a developer in Brazil or employment costs in South Korea and receive a link for detailed answers in the Deel app.

  • Quickly dive into your workforce data with instant reporting. Need to know how many contractors you have in France? How about your total employment costs in Germany? Just ask in Slack. 

Getting started

To access Deel AI for Slack you need to connect Slack to your Deel account. Simply follow the steps here

Once you’ve set up the integration, go into the Deel AI app on Slack and start asking questions. 

Deel AI uses OpenAI's ChatGPT, enhanced by access to Deel's knowledge base. This combination enables Deel AI to efficiently answer questions from our HR expertise. Additionally, Deel AI provides insights into your contract and invoice data while ensuring security through multiple layers of protection. Access to both the AI and the database is restricted to our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment, ensuring data is not publicly shared. Deel AI is covered by an access control, guaranteeing that data access is limited exclusively to users with the appropriate permissions.

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