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Editing contracts just got even easier

We're excited to launch our latest update that simplifies contract detail amendments—from autosaved drafts to viewing contractor rejection reasons and status updates right on your home screen.

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
March 7, 2023

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest update, which makes editing contracts a breeze. With Deel, you can now easily amend your contract details, from autosaved drafts to viewing contractor rejection reasons and status updates right on your home screen.

Our team is constantly working to streamline user experiences across products, and this year we're focusing on making editing existing contracts as quick and efficient as possible. We're thrilled to introduce an updated functionality that allows you to edit your contract fields whenever you need to, with just a few clicks.

Let's take a closer look at what you can look forward to with this exciting update.

A much smoother editing process

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Things change, and sometimes the terms of your completed, signed contract need adjustments. With Deel, you can edit the following fields whenever you need to:

Contract fields you can edit

Contract fields you can not edit

✅ Job title

✅ Payment details (rate, invoice cycle, payment due date)

✅ Contract currency

✅ Work schedule

✅ Scope of work

✅ End of contract (end date and notice period)

✅ Special clauses

✘ Hire's personal details (full legal name, passport number, etc.)

✘ Country of tax residence

✘ Contract type

✘ Entity information

Changing non-payment-related fields will no longer impact pending invoices. Starting now, only editing the payment-related field will trigger canceling the pending invoice. Deel will notify you of the change, and you’ll be asked to review and create a new invoice per the changes in the contract.

Don’t have all the details to finish editing your contract? No problem. We’ll save your edited contract as a draft so you can return to it later.

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Once all edits are made, you can easily preview or download an updated contract. Click agree and sign or invite a colleague to do so. You can later see all signature users and timestamps in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Better status updates visibility

Stay on top of your contract edits with timely status updates and a comprehensive summary of who made changes, and when, in “Edit Summary”. You can also review all updated fields, including the previous value, highlighted in purple.

Gone are the days of having to search through your entire contract to find updates. Our new home screen feature allows you to access a summary of all edits and status updates in one convenient location.

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Our platform now also includes a feature that allows you to review rejection reasons and make changes accordingly.

We've also significantly updated the invitation users receive to review and sign updated contracts. These communications now include the name of the user who made the edit, a timestamp, and all updated fields (including their previous values), so it’s even easier for you to stay on top of your contract changes.

These changes are now available for fixed, pay-as-you-go, and milestone contracts on Deel. 

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