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More productivity for teams everywhere with Deel and Hubstaff

As we continue to make global hiring easier, we’re happy to introduce an integration that’s sure to boost workplace efficiency.

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
March 26, 2024
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Building a global team is hard enough—but building a productive, efficient, and collaborative distributed workplace? That’s an even bigger task. It’s with this in mind that we’re happy to introduce our strategic partnership with Hubstaff: an integration that’s sure to boost workplace efficiency for distributed teams.

This integration unites Hubstaff's advanced time-tracking capabilities with Deel's comprehensive Global Payroll system, creating a seamless workflow for mutual customers. Now, businesses can track time in Hubstaff, approve timesheets, and automatically process payments through Deel's payroll system, enabling an end-to-end solution for managing distributed teams.

A seamless integration for global workforce management

This integration simplifies management and payment processes for global teams, addressing a critical need for distributed work. By combining the strengths of both platforms, Hubstaff and Deel are eliminating the friction points that businesses encounter when managing a dispersed workforce. This solution ensures that time tracking, payroll approval, and payment disbursement are streamlined, secure, compliant, and efficient.

How Hubstaff grew with the challenges of remote work

Hubstaff was established in 2011 when founder, Dave Nevogt, made the decision to build a remote-first company. While remote work provided freedom and flexibility from daily commutes and paper-pushing, Dave saw the need to be able to track his team’s working hours and time spent on specific tasks. He understood that remote work was the future and decided he wanted to be a part of leading this change, deciding to build a platform designed to promote productivity and efficiency among globally distributed teams. 

A shared vision for the future of work

Hubstaff and Deel share a common mission to empower businesses and workers alike by facilitating seamless global work experiences. Both companies are committed to innovation and excellence in their respective domains, making this partnership an ideal fit.

Jared Brown, CEO of Hubstaff, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:  "We are thrilled to partner with Deel to further our mission of enabling flexible, efficient global work. This integration represents a significant leap forward in our capability to serve global teams, ensuring they can work effectively, no matter where they are located."

Echoing the sentiment, Ryan Freeman, Head of Partnerships of Deel, said,  "Our collaboration with Hubstaff is a game-changer for businesses and workers around the world. By combining our global payroll expertise with Hubstaff's precision time tracking and analytics, we are setting a new standard for what is possible in the realm of global work management."

Empowering businesses and global workers worldwide

The integration and partnership between Hubstaff and Deel are more than just a technical collaboration—they reflect a shared belief in the power of global work to transform businesses and lives. By providing the tools needed to manage and compensate a global workforce effectively, Hubstaff and Deel aren’t simply responding to the trends of today, they are actively shaping the future of work.

If you’re looking to power up your team’s time tracking, reach out to our team to take advantage of Hubstaff’s exclusive offer for Deel customers.

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