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How to Register a Sole Proprietorship in San Marino

Do you want to become a sole proprietor in San Marino? Here is everything you need to know about the business registration process and the taxation system of a sole proprietorship.

Anja Simic
Written by Anja Simic
August 12, 2021
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Surrounded by the territory of Italy, San Marino has about 35,000 inhabitants. The capital, San Marino, has a population of about 4,000. In addition to tourism, which is quite developed in the country, the export of ceramics, furniture, and clothing makes GDP per capita in San Marino amount to $ 41,500.  

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Sole proprietorship in San Marino

There are a lot of business opportunities in San Marino, so a lot of people decide to do business in this country. If you have a business plan and want to register as a sole proprietor, follow the instructions in this article.

The registration process of sole proprietorship in San Marino

The registration process in San Marino consists of several steps:

  • Check the availability of your desired business name. The notary checks the availability of the name at the Office of Economic Activities (Ufficio Attività Economiche)
  • Register a business at the Register Office
  • Register a business at the Office of Economic Activities
  • Obtain a business license
  • Obtain company title certificate; When the notary applies for registration of the name, it is necessary to pick up the certificate after two days. The fee for this service is EUR 50.

Register your business at the Register Office

The notary provides all the necessary documentation and submits it to the Ufficio del Registro e delle Ipoteche (Registry Office). The fee for notaries is 1,000 EUR and for paper certification EUR 50. Keep in mind the website is in Italian, so if you don't know the language, have someone help you with it.

Register a business at the Office of Economic Activities

To obtain a certificate of registration for your business, the notary must go to the Office for Economic Activities in person (Ufficio Attivita Economiche) and submit a request with your documents. The process is then taken over by Office for Economic Activities and communicated through the website

Obtain a business license

As of 2014, a sole proprietor can apply for a business license via the government website. In order to obtain a license, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • The business plan
  • A copy of the lease agreement of the registered office
  • A certificate of habitability
  • Cadastral map of the office

Business license yearly cost

The cost of having a business license in the first year of operation is EUR 1,700. After the first year, the annual cost is EUR 650. Payment can be made online through the service.

VAT in San Marino

There is no VAT on goods and services in San Marino. However, you need the Tax Registration Number (COE), which is indicated in the Certificate of License.

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