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What's the Deel: July 2022
We’re acquiring Legalpad to break down immigration barriers to global hiring
What you need to know about ISO/IEC 27001
Get additional security with OneLogin and Microsoft Azure
Simplify your time off workflow
Get ready to be Expensified!
Deel partners with the UAE Government to attract top talent and companies to the region
Deel launches Global Payroll to streamline paying international teams across 90+ countries
Share, refer, earn up to $400!
Deel enters public offer to acquire PayGroup Limited
Deel Makes Granting Equity to Your Team Easy
An Org Chart? In Slack? For Free?
Make smarter hiring decisions and better manage your global team with Org Chart and Global Hiring Toolkit
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What's the Deel: April 2022
Throw a shrimp on the barbie—we’re growing Down Under!
What's the Deel: March
Our integrations are getting a power up
More support is on the way!
What's the Deel: February 2022
Cha-ching! Businesses can now fund payroll in USDC
Make a fair, easy, and competitive offer with Salary Insights
What's the Deel: January 2022
File your 1099s in seconds with Deel now
We’ve joined forces with Roots to help our customers make remote work “work”
What's the Deel: December 2021
Everything you should know about our SOC 2 compliance