A Buyer's Guide to Global Payroll for Enterprises

Starting your search for an international payroll solution? Read this global payroll buyer’s guide to explore key features, must-have services, and potential vendors.

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This guide will cover:

A clear framework to find the best solution for your team

Choosing the right global payroll solution can be especially challenging if your team is new to managing international compliance, cross-border payment deliveries, and varying payroll requirements. You need a solution that’s not only adaptable and compliant but also tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

To help you find the right fit, we’ve created a Global Payroll Buyer’s Guide.

This guide provides a straightforward framework to help you select a payroll system capable of managing your multinational operations effectively. It focuses on essential considerations for maintaining compliance, improving integration for improved efficiency, and ensuring reliable, on-time payments with dependable support. 

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Who will benefit from this guide

  • C-suite decision makers
  • Finance and human resources leaders
  • Legal and procurement teams

FAQ about choosing a global payroll provider

What does the global payroll process entail?

The global payroll process refers to a comprehensive system designed to manage and deliver employee payments across different countries. 

This includes calculating wages, withholding taxes, administering benefits and bonuses, and ensuring compliance with local labor and employment laws. Key activities include tracking working hours, maintaining payroll records, delivering payslips to overseas employees, protecting their data, and organizing international payroll tasks. 

What are the key features to look for in a global payroll solution?

A comprehensive global payroll solution should offer:

  • Artificial intelligence and automation for efficient payroll processing
  • Integrations with HRIS or HCM (human capital management) platforms to streamline operations
  • Self-service portals to improve the employee experience with easy access to payroll information
  • Truly global payroll software available in all your target countries
  • Transparent pricing with predictable costs and no hidden fees
  • Additional HR services, such as visa support and contractor management
  • Comprehensive analytics for improved payroll forecasting and decision-making
  • Built-in compliance to ensure adherence to local and international laws
  • A centralized system to manage payroll for all workers and locations in one platform
  • Flexible payroll options, including mass payments, multi-currency support, and diverse payment methods

How can a global payroll solution strengthen compliance across different countries?

By consolidating all payroll processes into one global platform, your team can more easily manage the different payroll, employment, and labor laws for your workforce. Make sure the solution you’re assessing provides the following:

  • Manages onboarding documentation carefully to comply with local laws from the start
  • Provides access to legal experts familiar with local employment and payroll laws 
  • Adheres to cross-border data protection standards, such as GDPR, to safeguard employee information
  • Ensures payment methods, currencies, and schedules align with local laws, guaranteeing correct and timely employee payments

How do you choose the best global payroll provider for your international business?

Choosing the best global payroll provider for your multinational organization requires a strategic approach:

Collaborate with stakeholders to clearly define your business needs and objectives: This foundational step ensures you find a provider aligned with your specific requirements. 

Conduct thorough research into potential providers: This should include requesting platform walkthroughs to get a hands-on feel for how their payroll services operate, reading reviews, and exploring testimonials to learn about customer experiences, especially from companies that share a similar size, scale, or location as yours.

Consider the benefits of outsourcing your global payroll to an all-in-one service provider: Opting for a comprehensive solution can significantly streamline your global payroll processes. Providers like Deel offer the expertise and support needed to efficiently meet your international workforce needs through a Global Payroll solution, US Payroll, EOR model, Contractor Management, and more.

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