Global Payroll Template

Download the Global Payroll Template to get a sense of the scope of day-to-day payroll tasks and familiarize yourself with how you can make bulk edits in an efficient way.

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Global payroll brings together the complexities and unique features of each country’s tax and employment laws into one crucial task: ensuring every one of your employees gets paid correctly and on time.

To accomplish that, using an experienced global payroll provider like Deel is often the way to go. Deel’s local in-house experts manage the entire process and take on the compliance matters. But how does it all work?

This free payroll template has over 30 fields for calculating all aspects of a pay cycle. Start with base salary and add in benefits, expenses, time off, severance, and more. Access the Google Sheet to see how global payroll gets built, one cell at a time.

Do I just fill out the template to master global payroll?

No, there are still more steps to the process! If you complete this template, you’ll know how much each worker will get paid for a single pay cycle. But you’ll still need to compliantly generate payslips and send out payments before payday (or automate the entire process with Deel’s Global Payroll solution—now serving 90+ countries).

Is this just how Deel does it? With spreadsheets?

Not quite—more with databases and lots of code (fancy spreadsheets). Deel’s engineering and payroll teams work collaboratively to build robust automations and integrations that reduce human errors and streamline processes, enabling us to onboard entire companies in as little as a month. This template is a preview of what you can automate away with Deel.