Global Payroll Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

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This guide will cover:

A simpler way to find the right global payroll solution

Once you’ve shortlisted potential global payroll solutions for your company, you need a clear and efficient way to determine the best fit. This requires more than general information on the provider’s products and services, which is where a Request for Proposal (RFP) can help.

With an RFP, you can invite global payroll providers to submit proposals that meet your business’s exact needs, answering questions such as:

  • How fast are their implementation timelines?
  • How does their platform integrate with your existing tools?
  • Do their reporting and analytics features match your needs?
  • What is their procedure for rectifying mistakes or issue escalation?

Who will benefit from this guide

  • C-suite decision makers
  • Finance and human resources leaders
  • Legal and procurement teams

How does a good RFP help your company?

A good RFP helps by attracting tailored offerings from global payroll providers, giving you a variety of options and reducing the risk of choosing an unfit vendor. With clear proposals in hand, you can make a quicker, more informed decision.

What does an RFP typically include?

An RFP for a payroll solution typically includes:

  • Company goals and project objectives
  • Product evaluation
  • Implementation review
  • Support assessment
  • And more

If the RFP lacks vital information or is not detailed enough, you may end up choosing the wrong vendor during your selection process. This can lead to roadblocks at an early stage of your project. To avoid this, we have created a comprehensive template that will help you cover all the important details of your global payroll project.

Why is our RFP template different?

It’s a straightforward file that you can easily:

  • Download to your device and access from anywhere
  • Share with the decision-makers and collaborate

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