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February 26, 2024

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July 04, 2024

It's been a while since we've updated Deel’s website, logo, and socials. Since we’re almost five years old, we thought it’s time for a brand refresh. 

Deel’s grown a lot over the years, and our HR services have, too. Since 2019, we’ve gone from offering onboarding and payroll services for SMBs to supporting larger companies with payroll operations and entities worldwide. We’ve rounded out our products to be more comprehensive and enterprise-ready: global payroll, HRIS, immigration, and PEO support. We’re seeing meaningful momentum across all sizes and businesses in various industries, so we want our brand identity to reflect this maturity.

You’ll notice the look and feel is more of an evolution of where we’ve been rather than a completely different approach. We think this matches our evolution as a company—we’re still the familiar Deel at our core, with a consistent emphasis on product excellence, quality of execution, and unrivaled customer care. Just a bit more grown up.

How we developed our new branding

Deel's in-house creative team embarked on a six-month collaborative research and design process to determine the optimal brand identity. 

"The goal was to develop a global identity that would resonate with enterprise customers while building trust and loyalty with all sizes and types of companies. We wanted to stay true to our brand's whimsical, playful nature but also appeal to a more established audience,” said Jolanta Aerts, Deel’s Creative Director.


Through a research plan that engaged Deel leadership and customers, the creative team set out to build an aspirational yet approachable design system aligned with company values and inclusive of the wider world.

Deel is a global company serving 25,000-plus customers in over 120 countries. The new brand identity needed to be contemporary and provide flexibility for incorporating visual trends yet timeless and geography-neutral. People will notice the presence of "chunky" shapes in the new illustration style, the abstract shapes in backgrounds, a new typeface, Bagoss, and a tweaked company logo. We drew inspiration for these shapes from styles of expression omnipresent throughout art and communications history worldwide—from Lascaux cave paintings through cuneiform (one of the oldest forms of writing in history) to more contemporary abstract artists like Matisse and Lygia Clark.


The new color palette enhances the brand personality—warm and optimistic, with a positive outlook. The blue, purple, and yellow provide a range suitable for formal, neutral, and informal use cases. They fit with how lighting changes throughout the day, signaling the movement of time and a work cycle—from the bright morning yellow through the mid-day blue sky to the purple afterglow.

Deel’s rebrand will appear across the website, social media accounts, advertising, and sales materials. Stay tuned for more design and functionality changes to our customer and worker interfaces, which we'll roll out in a few months. As we aim to keep improving and updating our services for everyone, everywhere.


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