PTO Policy Template

PTO allows your workers to reach a healthy work-life balance and recharge without stress. Use our template to craft a PTO policy for your company.

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What's included

A clear PTO policy that enables your workforce to recharge so they can maintain the necessary productivity level and avoid burnout is a must for companies wanting to build a powerful, global workforce.

Paid time off isn’t guaranteed by law everywhere in the world, but it can make or break a candidate’s decision to join your team, so it’s not only a matter of compliance. It’s also about building a healthy company culture where employees are encouraged to take time off to recharge so they can maximize their performance.

This policy template will help you:

  • Develop and enforce clear guidelines around the use of PTO for your workers
  • Establish a straightforward process around requesting PTO
  • Ensure everyone can use PTO to both their own and the company’s benefit

This template is part of our remote work policy collection, which aims to support growing teams with modern and approachable templates for the future of work.

PTO policy overview

A PTO policy is a document that outlines a company’s conditions for approving paid time off for employees. This policy includes:

  • General guidelines regarding employee eligibility, PTO purpose, and use
  • Guidelines about time off accrual and rollover of unused vacation
  • Special considerations for global teams
  • How time off is requested and approved
  • Compliance with local employment laws regarding the minimum number of days off
  • PTO policy FAQs

How to use this template

This template is a customizable document. You’ll see placeholder text and prompts to guide your policy to reflect your local labor laws and your team’s unique approach to remote work.

We suggest including this policy in your remote workers’ onboarding process to ensure they review and understand the details of the policy.