Unlimited PTO Policy Template

An unlimited PTO policy allows your workers to use time off with high flexibility, which reduces employee burnout and improves satisfaction in your team.

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What's included

Unlimited paid time off (PTO) is usually a voluntary employee benefit employers offer to attract top talent and help employees achieve a better work-life balance.

In some countries, the law requires a minimum of paid days off within a calendar year, while in others, paid time off isn’t required by the law at all.

If your team is global, you may have difficulties reconciling all the different regulations and ensuring compliance wherever you hire.

This policy template will help you:

  • Develop and enforce more robust guidelines around approving unlimited PTO for your workers
  • Improve your compliance footing
  • Ensure everyone’s vacation days are tracked properly and all employees are using the policy to both their own and the company’s benefit

This template is part of our remote work policy collection, which aims to support growing teams with modern and approachable templates for the future of work.

Unlimited PTO Policy overview

An unlimited PTO policy is a document that outlines a company’s conditions for approving flexible and unlimited paid time off for employees.

The policy includes: 

  • General guidelines regarding employee eligibility
  • Unlimited PTO purpose and use (for example, extended sick leave or vacation time)
  • Special considerations for global teams
  • Guidelines about time off accrual and rollover of unused vacation
  • How employees request time off
  • How managers approve time off requests
  • Compliance with local employment laws regarding the minimum number of days off
  • Unlimited vacation policy training for managers

How to use this template

This template is a customizable document. You’ll see placeholder text and prompts to guide your policy to reflect your local labor laws and your team’s unique approach to remote work.

We suggest including this policy in your remote workers’ onboarding process to ensure they review and understand the details of the policy.