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Introducing a Faster and More Efficient Way to Request Changes to Employee Agreements


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March 05, 2024

Last Update

July 04, 2024

We're excited to launch our latest update that greatly simplifies amendments to EOR contracts—you can now easily modify contract values and language directly on the platform. Plus, add custom changes in Google Docs, utilize backdated effective date and pro-rated salary changes, and track your request changes in our Tracker.

A more streamlined way to request changes

We understand the importance of flexibility in contract amendments. Our latest update introduces a more streamlined approach to requesting changes. Some amendments, such as gross salary or job title, will no longer require an additional review and approval by Deel, allowing for the changes to be effective immediately (depending on country regulations) while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Learn more about what you can amend in employee contracts.

Backdated effective dates and prorated salary changes

With the latest release, you can make retroactive changes seamlessly by utilizing backdated effective dates for amendments, including prorated salary adjustments, subject to our review to ensure compliance with local laws.

Google Docs Integration for advanced language changes

Do away with the complexity and confusion of back-and-forth emails with our new functionality. In certain cases, you can now request advanced changes to the contract language using Google Docs directly on the platform. Add custom changes, track modifications, and create and respond to comments directly in the document. Plus, apply the language changes to all subsequent agreements in a specific country.

Follow our guide on how to request custom amendments.

Bulk Edit for effortless multi-employee changes

Efficiency at its best—our new Bulk Edit feature enables you to request changes for multiple EOR employees simultaneously. Download a .csv file, edit the necessary fields, and upload it back onto the Deel platform, and we’ll update the details in bulk. This saves time and effort and minimizes the likelihood of errors associated with manual updates.

Learn more about how to bulk edit employee agreements.

EOR change requests Tracker

Our new EOR change requests Tracker allows you to monitor all change requests in progress, including those pending, approved, or rejected. Whether changes are requested individually or in bulk, our Tracker provides a comprehensive overview, enhancing transparency and control over your EOR processes.

Embrace the future of contract management with Deel. Our latest update marks a significant step towards greater efficiency, transparency, and speed in managing employee agreements.

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