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Top 5 Countries with Deel-Owned Entities to Hire From

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Kate Moerel


March 26, 2024

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July 19, 2024

Table of Contents

What Deel’s global footprint mean for you

Top countries with Deel-owned entities to look for talent

Streamline international hiring with the all-in-one global HR platform

Key takeaways
  1. With wholly-owned legal entities in over 100 countries, Deel is the world’s #1 employer of record today
  2. Owned infrastructure offers tighter compliance, consistent processes, and a better overall experience for our customers
  3. Our vast global network includes in-house experts covering countries in all parts of the world, from the US and Brazil to the UK and Australia to India and Singapore

Global hiring is a new necessity for businesses striving to reach new customers worldwide in a competitive landscape oriented toward remote work and growth beyond geographical borders.

Since 2019, Deel has been consistently building its offering and coverage around the world to help companies tackle global compliance, payroll, and HR challenges in the most efficient and secure way possible.

Today, our company boasts a wholly-owned infrastructure with entities in 100+ countries and hundreds of in-house legal and payroll experts who help customers navigate the intricacies of local labor laws and compliance requirements while building a global workforce.

What Deel’s global footprint mean for you

Employers of record are not all the same: some EORs may choose to set up their own entities in different countries to help clients hire from there, while others partner with in-country compliance and payroll providers to offer hiring services.

Whether you’re a startup in early growth stages or a well-established enterprise unlocking yet another new market, working with in-country partners feels like a less reliable option for hiring international employees, as it comes with quite a few red flags:

  • Unexpected and hidden costs
  • Lack of flexibility in services provided
  • Data security and compliance challenges
  • Inconsistency and incompatibility in data and processes
  • Poor customer service and prolonged communication, and more.

This is one of the reasons why Deel chose to take the longer road, but one that’s more beneficial for our clients in the long run.

Deel's worldwide entities offer businesses direct access to global payroll, compliance, and HR services while minimizing communication touchpoints and ensuring faster issue resolution.

By leveraging Deel's entities, companies provide a consistent employee experience globally, eliminating dependence on local vendors and ensuring equitable treatment for their full-time employees and independent contractors across locations.

Deel-owned entities mitigate data security and compliance risks by eliminating third-party involvement in handling sensitive employee information. Our top-notch security features and certificates, from GDPR and SOC2 compliance to Okta SSO, ensure your sensitive employee and company data is safe no matter where you hire.

Deel Employer of Record
Hire employees globally with the #1 Employer of Record
Deel provides safe and secure EOR services in 100+ countries. We’ll quickly hire and onboard employees on your behalf—with payroll, tax, and compliance solutions built into the same, all-in-one platform.

Deel's ownership of entities in your target countries results in lower overall costs due to in-house management of processes and the absence of fees associated with third-party vendors.

Best of all, our already established presence ensures stronger local compliance, as we possess a deeper understanding of local employment laws. In other words—we’ve been there, done that, and can help you reach your business goals with unmatched expertise.

We have more than 100 entities, and we’re running payroll in-house. If we can do it for our entities where we have thousands of employees, we can also do it for our customers’ entities and start truly consolidating everyone, contractors, employees where you don’t have the infrastructure, plus all of your [direct] employees, all of your entities in one place.

Alex Bouaziz,

CEO & Co-Founder

Read more: A Guide to Setting up a Local Entity

Top countries with Deel-owned entities to look for talent

Based on Deel’s State of Global Hiring report and general trends in international hiring, we’ve made a list of top countries to hire from through our platform.

  1. The Philippines
  2. United States
  3. Argentina 
  4. Colombia
  5. Brazil

The Philippines

From second place in the previous year, the Philippines emerged as the country with the most workers on Deel’s platform, with the UK, the US, and Australia as top employers looking for talent in this Asian country.

The roles that were most in demand from the Philippines included virtual assistance, data, and accounting.

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The Deel EOR in the Philippines allows you to seamlessly hire team members from this country without worrying about compliance with locally-required employee benefits, such as the minimum wage set by the region, overtime pay, mandatory time off, and more.

The onboarding of EOR employees located in the Philippines takes around two business days, and all the required compliance documentation must be submitted before the employee’s start date.

More resources to guide your hiring decisions in the Philippines:

The opportunity is huge as there are already established talent pools [...] or global operations support hubs in the Philippines and Malaysia.

Paul Endacott,

Founder & CEO

United States

The US was one of the top 10 locations to get a visa for in 2023, according to Deel’s State of Global Hiring report. It was also the #1 country hiring through Deel and the second country with the most workers hired through the platform.

Given its strong economy and tech hubs, this data about the US doesn’t come as a surprise. But hiring in the US can be significantly different from hiring in other parts of the world, which is where Deel’s vast expertise comes into play.

Our US entity aids in seamless employment compliance with federal and state regulations, such as minimum wages, statutory employee benefits, and termination requirements, which can vary across 50 states. The onboarding of your US workers can take as little as one business day.

Read more about hiring in the US:

While we were very comfortable with hiring locally, we were apprehensive about the costs and legal responsibilities for compliance in the United States. We didn’t want to hire full-time HR people to figure out things like health benefits and filing tax returns with the IRS.

Matthew Buchanan,


Top 5 global roles workers got hired for:

  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Sales
  • Content Marketing
  • Product
  • Design


Argentina emerged as one of the hottest countries in the LATAM region, maintaining a strong third place in terms of the number of workers hired through the Deel platform—for the second year in a row.

Many companies from all around the world turn to Argentina (with Brazil and Colombia following closely) to find the best teachers, customer success managers, and finance specialists.

The Deel-owned entity in Argentina lets you hire workers from this LATAM country without any hassle. Our in-house team of legal experts and payroll professionals will make sure you comply with local requirements related to payroll taxes, leave policies, complex termination conditions, and more.

Learn more about hiring from Argentina with confidence:

If a customer goes to hire, for example, from Argentina without deep comprehension of what’s considered competitive locally, they can lose great talent because they’re not aware of what offer to make in terms of different hiring models.

Michelle Cascardo,

SMB Sales Manager for LATAM

Did you know?

For independent contractors working in countries with less stable currencies, like Argentina, the Deel Card provides a simple and flexible solution.

By receiving their paycheck in USD, workers gain stability and maximize the value of their earnings. This not only shields them from currency fluctuations but also opens up infinite global spending capabilities.


Companies worldwide looked for additions to their global teams in Colombia, as well, making this LATAM country the fourth most popular for employers on the Deel platform throughout 2023. Colombian talent was mostly hired for roles in teaching, accounting, and customer support, unlocking a new market and customer base for many companies with headquarters in Spain and Argentina.

From cost-efficient and qualified talent to overlapping working hours, there are plenty of reasons to hire from Colombia, and Deel can help you comply with all legal requirements, such as providing an employment contract written in Spanish.

From payroll processing and benefits administration to intellectual property management and employee support in the local language, Deel makes sure you can run your team in Colombia hassle-free, onboarding new hires in one business day.

We’re sharing more resources to help you make informed decisions about hiring in Colombia:

Did you know?

Colombian law requires employers hiring in this country to pay employees the 13th and 14th salary in June and December, respectively.


With German, Chilean, and local companies hiring from Brazil, this LATAM country made it to the fifth country with the most workers on the Deel platform, taking over from India. The most popular roles businesses were looking to fill with talent from Brazil were in finance, data, and consulting.

With an average onboarding time of three business days, Deel’s legal entity in Brazil allows you to expand to this market quickly and easily.

Our in-house team of legal counsels ensures your employment contracts with Brazilian employees and contractors are valid and written in Portuguese or English, as required by the law, and that any other local legislations are met, like the minimum wage (R$1,412 per month) or statutory paid time off for both part-time and full-time employees (30 calendar days a year).

Note: Deel EOR employees in Brazil are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that provides a minimum wage of R$1,590 per month.

Other countries that were a popular choice for employers using Deel’s platform for global expansion: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, the UK, Pakistan, Canada, Germany, Morocco, and Australia.

Streamline international hiring with the all-in-one global HR platform

Deel is the only global people platform international teams of any size need to seamlessly hire from anywhere on the planet. Easily access new countries and markets with Deel’s EOR services and onboard new hires in as little as a few business days.

From HRIS capabilities (available for free!) to international payroll processing, global compliance, advanced reporting, visa application support, performance management, and world-class integrations with all the essential global HR tools, Deel has everything you need to run your entire team in one place.

If this sounds like the right fit for your needs, book a demo with our expert team and learn more in detail about Deel’s features, pricing, and use cases.

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