How Sparksense easily hires and manages a growing global team with Deel

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O problema

A need to hire, onboard, and pay international talent seamlessly

Sparksense is a trusted B2B sales team catering to global tech startups. As it expanded globally, it needed to scale a talented and compliant team across territories. After a disappointing experience with an inefficient traditional payroll provider, Sparksense turned rapidly to Deel to help with its payroll needs, including compliant hiring and onboarding management.

A solução e os resultados

A truly all-in-one HR platform for international teams

Deel EOR and Deel Contractor Management eliminates the need for multiple providers and has saved Sparksense from hours of manual payroll administration. Now, Sparksense can hire and pay workers quickly and compliantly, so teams can focus on what matters most for the business. With Deel’s help, Sparksense has expanded globally, adding over 60 members across 10+ countries. By streamlining processes and centralization, the team has significantly reduced onboarding time from over four weeks to just one day. This efficiency fosters a swift, compliant workforce and contributes to substantial savings, including $150,000+ in entity setup, and eliminating the need for establishing their own entities.

Sparksense has also optimized its HR processes by enhancing international team management. By integrating Deel HR with platforms like Expensify or Jibble, Sparksense has virtually eliminated its manual processes, saving nearly $60,000 annually.

Sparksense appreciates Deel’s cutting-edge platform and responsive customer support, offering peace of mind with quick and accessible assistance whenever needed.

Thanks to Deel we’ve been able to hire 60+ people in more than 10 different countries. The customer support we’ve received is great. It’s fast, and it makes us feel valued.,

Herve Flutto,

Founder and CEO of Sparksense

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