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More Than a Service: EOR as a Strategic Partner in Business Growth

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Kate Moerel


March 22, 2024

Last Update

July 04, 2024

Table of Contents

Recruitment and talent acquisition

Ongoing compliance and HR management

Operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability

Why Deel is the right EOR partner for you

Key takeaways
  1. By definition, an employer of record is an HR, payroll, and compliance provider for global workforces, but working with these organizations can contribute to your business growth on a more strategic level.
  2. An EOR can assist companies with deep market insights and risk assessment during testing, contribute to talent acquisition efforts, help identify scalable workforce solutions while ensuring operational efficiency, and much more.
  3. Deel offers next-level EOR services by assigning every client a dedicated customer success manager, who provides them with direct access to extensive industry knowledge and insights about specific regions and markets.

In the era of outsourcing, companies worldwide use third-party partners to handle various non-core business activities, from marketing to logistics to cybersecurity. With these vendors, you’ll typically have a regular client-service provider relationship.

But can you say the same for using employer of record services? Are they merely transactional?

When you outsource global employment-related tasks, such as human resources, payroll, and legal compliance, it greatly impacts your business operations, employee experience, and expansion plans—in other words, your business growth.

Here’s how the strategic value of EOR services spans across various stages of the hiring and business expansion process, enabling you to reach your business goals in the global market.

Market entry and expansion planning stage

EOR partners can provide deep insights into local labor markets, talent pools, salary benchmarks, and regulatory environments to inform strategic decision-making during the market entry phase.

This is especially true if the global EOR you’ve chosen to partner with has already established its own legal entities in your target market rather than working with in-country vendors to handle payroll and HR functions. It means that the organization already has first-hand experience in navigating local employment laws, compliance, and best practices regarding hiring and doing business in that region.

Read more about how to do business in different regions around the world, such as:

EORs conduct risk assessments to identify potential compliance gaps, employment-related liabilities, and operational challenges that may arise during expansion. This proactive approach allows companies to mitigate risks and devise contingency plans.

A speed to market is key to leveraging business opportunities as they arise (especially if you’re aiming to establish your brand in a new market before your competitors do), an EOR can help you approach this strategically. Instead of going “all in” and placing significant investments into an unknown, potentially risky market, you can test the waters in a more cost-efficient manner and hire employees through an employer of record.

This way, even if the market turns out to be unprofitable, you can easily wind your operations down compliantly with the help of your global EOR partner. On the other hand, if your business flourishes in the new market, you can keep growing with EOR services or set up your own entity when the time is right.

Recruitment and talent acquisition

EORs can leverage their local networks and expertise to assist with talent acquisition efforts, including candidate sourcing, background checks, interview scheduling, and more.

Employers of record that offer their own software, like Deel, often offer native features or integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS), allowing you to seamlessly move candidates from one stage of your hiring process to the next. This leads to enhanced data centralization and higher operational efficiency.

Deel allows you to automate your HR workflows through integrations with the most popular ATS platforms, such as Ashby, Greenhouse, Teamtailor, Pinpoint, and more.

As a company that’s already built a global team to cater to different regions, an EOR can help you be very strategic about who you hire and where you hire from.

Deel’s internal experts can help identify suitable talent hubs based on our original data and assist you in finding the best global talent faster.

For example, in 2023, companies based in the UK and Australia hired many workers from the Philippines with roles in Data and Accounting, while Spain hired many finance specialists and customer success managers from Argentina.

Finally, finding the top talent for your team is not enough—you need to have a competitive offer to attract the best candidates to apply for your roles. An EOR can help both small and larger businesses access employee benefits and perks that would otherwise be unattainable financially.

Deel is a great platform to hire workers in North America because we offer the most competitive benefits, allowing clients to choose from many different plans, whether they include full coverage for an employee and their dependents or just the employee. We also offer life insurance and the ability to match pensions. This gives clients the upper hand to be able to offer some of these things that a candidate may expect to get.

Gracie Collins,

Senior Customer Success Manager, Deel


EORs also make sure your hiring process complies with local labor laws, anti-discrimination regulations, and employment practices to promote fairness in hiring.

Ongoing compliance and HR management

Partnering with an EOR can play a significant role in your global compliance and HR management strategy.

As labor laws change and evolve continuously, ensuring compliance with all the local regulations across different countries is challenging without hiring in-country partners with local knowledge to keep you updated.

Working with an EOR reduces this burden, while a proactive risk mitigation approach safeguards your reputation and minimizes non-compliance issues. As a result, you have more time and resources to focus on business growth strategies.

Deel is the only global HR platform on the market that uses continuous monitoring to provide real-time compliance alerts for 150 countries. This enables you to stay aware of your compliance status while confidently hiring and managing a global workforce. You can also do your own research using Deel AI: dive into Deel’s legally-vetted Global Knowledge Base and get helpful answers on everything related to human resources, payroll, onboarding, immigration, compliance, and more—from how long the maternity leave is in the UK to how much you’ve spent on payroll this month.

Now, setting up a team in a new country isn’t just about compliance. It’s also about creating a positive (remote) work environment and an equitable experience for all your workers, no matter where they reside.

EORs, as your international workers’ legal employer, handle and streamline all aspects of employment administration:

  • Employment contract drafting
  • Onboarding and termination
  • Global payroll processing
  • Benefits administration
  • Tax withholding and filing
  • Time tracking and time off management, and more

With all these processes automated and accelerated, your employer of record partner also allows you to create an exceptional employee experience, which can contribute to your employee retention strategy.

For example, Deel provides a high level of autonomy and flexibility for both independent contractors and full-time employees through self-service features, fast and simple onboarding process, multiple payment and withdrawal methods, and more.

All of our employees and developers love Deel as it’s very easy to use and intuitive even for people who are not so familiar with these tech products.

Kyle Yoon,

CEO, Supercoder

Did you know?

Unlike most employers of record that only focus on customer experience, Deel has in-house dedicated HR experience teams that provide support to your EOR employees in their time zones and languages.

Operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability

Employers of Record serve as invaluable partners for companies undergoing structural changes, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), offering comprehensive solutions to seamlessly integrate new workforces.

For example, if you’re looking to keep talent based in a country where you don’t have your own entity.

EORs guide companies through critical aspects of M&A activity, such as employee onboarding and offboarding, ensuring a positive experience for new hires and minimizing disruptions to business operations.

The benefits of having an EOR partner go beyond M&As when it comes to flexibility in workforce management.

EORs offer flexible workforce solutions that scale with business needs, whether it's hiring additional employees, adapting to seasonal fluctuations in demand, or employee relocations.

You can also optimize labor costs by tapping into EOR’s competitive pricing, consolidated global payroll processing, and access to cost-effective benefits and insurance plans for your international employees.

Strategic advisory

EORs can provide market intelligence and industry trends to inform strategic decision-making, including talent acquisition strategies, competitive positioning, and other global expansion opportunities.

Leading EOR providers like Deel offer strategic guidance and consulting services beyond basic employment administration. They leverage their in-depth knowledge of global markets, labor trends, and industry best practices to help clients optimize their international workforce strategies, enhance talent acquisition efforts, and mitigate HR-related challenges.


Unlike our competitors, we provide 24/7 support no matter where you're located and what your time zone is. Even smaller accounts have a dedicated CSM to help them successfully navigate international employment.

By tapping into this expertise, you can make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Your Deel CSM can also share insights on emerging technologies that streamline HR processes, such as AI-driven automation tools, and empower you to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and enhance overall company productivity.

Having a fast expert in their corner is a big benefit for our clients, as they have access to global expertise. A lot of folks have expertise in the US because that’s where they’re based, but they don’t understand the laws in Slovenia or best practices in the UK. That’s where we step in.

Luke Ferrel,

Head of Customer Success, Deel

Why Deel is the right EOR partner for you

From compliance and HRIS to PEO and payroll services, Deel offers the most complete global people platform on the market—and we’ve been where you are now.

Our platform was designed based on our experience as a global team, which means we know all the struggles of juggling multiple systems, inconsistent and incompatible data, lack of visibility, costly mistakes and compliance risks, prolonged and messy onboarding, and other obstacles inhibiting business growth.

Deel successfully tackles all these challenges and we’ve got numbers to prove it:

  • 100+ owned entities around the world
  • 200+ in-house tax, payroll, and legal experts
  • 15+ flexible payment methods
  • Experience in running a global team of 3,000+ members distributed across 100 countries
  • First response time of 1.25 min from our customer service available 24/7
  • 86 hours saved by automated HR admin
  • $210,000+ of entity set up costs per country

See for yourself—book a demo with our team and ask all your questions.

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