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How to Transition to Centralized Compliance Software for Enterprises

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Jemima Owen-Jones


March 07, 2024

Last Update

July 04, 2024

Table of Contents

Standardized hiring compliance

Centralized workforce compliance

Consolidated payroll compliance

Centralize compliance with Deel

Key takeaways
  1. The vast size and intricate nature of enterprise operations, which often stretch across multiple jurisdictions, make it difficult for the entire workforce to comply with the correct business processes and procedures, sometimes resulting in financial and legal penalties and reputational damage.
  2. Enterprises need a comprehensive, long-term compliance solution that can help streamline and consolidate their compliance efforts for better oversight and risk management.
  3. Deel’s all-in-one global HR and compliance software is backed by legal experts and designed to standardize compliance processes and procedures while offering flexibility to customize your legal and compliance needs.

Ensuring legal compliance across your enterprise is a complex and challenging task. Even with a dedicated legal department, the vast size and intricate nature of its operations, which stretch across multiple jurisdictions, make it difficult for the entire workforce to build a unified culture of compliance 

In addition, legal and compliance teams often lack expertise in navigating the global employment landscape and require the assistance of external vendors to stay up-to-date with changes in laws and regulations. However, working with external vendors can be time-consuming and costly, requiring legal and contract reviews, and negotiations. The more vendors a company uses, the higher the potential risk of exposure to a breach of confidential information or intellectual property being shared without approval.

To address these challenges, enterprises need a comprehensive, long-term compliance solution that can help streamline and consolidate their compliance activities for better oversight and efficiency. This is where Deel’s all-in-one global HR and compliance software solution comes in, which is backed by legal experts and designed to standardize compliance processes and procedures while offering flexibility to customize your legal and compliance needs. 

In this article, we explain how Deel’s software solution streamlines global hiring, HR, and payroll compliance and makes transitioning from multiple vendors to an all-in-one solution hassle-free.

Standardized hiring compliance

Compliant hiring involves forming legal entities, correctly classifying workers, confirming work authorization, drafting localized contracts, and setting workers up with the right entitlements and provisions. Depending on the size of your enterprise and the country of operation, this process often demands the involvement of many legal departments, HR teams, and risk and compliance officers, leading to fragmented processes, increased administrative burden, and potential compliance risks.

Deel’s all-in-one platform streamlines global hiring compliance. You can hire employees and contractors in 150+ countries through the employer of record (EOR) and agent of record (AOR) models, generate localized contracts, get visas and work permits, and automate onboarding, benefits enrollment, background checks, document management, and ​​equipment supply from a single platform.  

Deel’s customizable platform is fully flexible. You can opt-in and out of Deel services while still housing your entire workforce—direct employees, EOR employees, and contractors—under one roof. Use the EOR hiring model in certain locations, hire through your own entities for others, use Deel’s localized contracts, or upload your own to the platform. It’s all yours to decide.


How SiteMinder confidently expands into global markets while staying compliant

With employees working around the world and new offices in the works, ensuring compliance with local employment and tax laws was a constant challenge for SiteMinder, the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform.

Because it’s a publicly listed organization, the company is subject to stringent audit and regulatory compliance standards.

Since partnering with Deel, SiteMinder has seen new efficiencies in its employee hiring processes in international markets. This gives Bec Donnelly, the Vice-President of People at SiteMinder, confidence in her company’s ability to hire new people to scale in countries where it wants to expand.

Donnelly explains: 
“Deel is currently supporting us with around 52 employees spread out across around 11 countries at the moment,” said Donelly. The benefits of Deel’s dashboard allow us to effectively manage these 52 people from one platform. It also allows greater efficiencies for our payroll teams globally.”

“Transitioning to Deel has saved us approx 2-3 days per month in administration time and costs. We used to have multiple people across the globe trying to coordinate and diagnose issues or run manual processes. The time saved includes multiple salaries and productivity time,” Donelly added. 

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Centralized workforce compliance

Expanding your workforce increases your compliance risk, as each country has different rules and regulations that dictate the classification of your workers, business structure, and tax obligations.

For example, in Argentina, a foreign company is considered to have permanent establishment (PE) status if it has more than 50 employees working there for more than 183 days in a taxable year. In comparison, in Canada, a foreign company triggers PE status if it has more than ten employees working there for more than 183 days in a taxable year. 

Again, it falls onto your compliance function and any outsourced legal partners to conduct regular internal audits and risk assessments to identify and address potential compliance gaps. Relying on multiple teams and processes results in a lack of consistency and can lead to communication breakdowns, varied standards, and increased risk of non-compliance. 

Deel’s compliance management software centralizes workforce compliance, providing complete oversight of your entire organization. Sit back while the compliance management tools take care of due diligence, generating real-time workforce insights tailored to the unique concerns of your business. You can access the compliance reports on the platform or have them delivered to your email monthly, alerting you to misclassification risks, expiring visas, and non-compliance with employment laws, such as minimum wages, benefits, and more. 

The platform also provides access to several internal PRM team leads, HR specialists, mobility specialists, and legal counselors providing comprehensive coverage across relevant departments and promoting a culture of accountability and shared responsibility for compliance.

Whenever the compliance monitoring software detects a regulatory change or compliance issue, it triggers an automated workflow, raising a ticket that notifies the relevant stakeholders. The compliance management system ensures all compliance issues are quickly addressed, signed off within five working days, and properly documented, which is essential for keeping a clean audit trail.

As you transition from decentralized compliance management to Deel’s centralized platform, we continue to conduct ‘compliance watches’, allowing for efficient tracking and management of all compliance data and tasks. This ensures that all payroll, mobility, HR, and legal processes continue to adhere to regulatory requirements and internal policies as you migrate over to Deel.


How Magic saves 50+ hours a month on contract compliance using Deel

Magic, the virtual assistant company, needed a custom solution to streamline their global hiring process. For every contractor hired through the Magic recruitment platform, the Magic team had to create a contract manually. This meant creating hundreds of contracts per week, which caused delays for customers and countless hours of operational admin.

It was an unscalable process. Not only did it threaten the retention of their remote workers due to delays in getting hired, but it was also a concern for compliance and customer satisfaction. Magic needed a custom integration with their recruitment platform to automate the entire contract process. 

Thanks to the Deel API, Magic can now create contracts on Deel automatically when their customers choose to hire on the Magic platform. This custom integration has saved 13+ hours per week on admin and improved Magic’s service by reducing wait times by up to two weeks for their customers and workers. 

“It became a way to supplement the HR team without bringing on another person,” explained Mars Escobin, the Product Manager at Magic, “so it’s definitely a cost saver as well.”

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Consolidated payroll compliance

For international enterprises, global payroll teams must accurately calculate wages, deductions, withholdings, and ensure that all payroll processes are in line with current labor laws, tax codes, and other relevant regulations. However, meeting complicated and ever-changing compliance requirements across countries can be challenging.

Further complicating matters, 31% of payroll teams find integrating several different software difficult. Each country may require its own accounting system, and if you can’t integrate your tools, you may rely more on manual data entry to transfer records between the platforms—inefficient and error-prone.

Alternatively, your enterprise may outsource its payroll function to a payroll provider. Many providers support international payments but only for a select number of countries. While they may help you reduce your tech stack, you’ll still face challenges with silos and miscommunication. You may also find they can’t connect you with local experts who can help you comply with payroll regulations and employment laws.

Deel’s platform offers a global payroll solution for managing payroll across all regions, ensuring compliance with regulations, enhancing data security and accuracy, and providing a holistic view of your global workforce data. Your team can use a single platform, regardless of their location, thus eliminating the need to learn and implement multiple processes and jump between payroll providers. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures consistency in your payroll management processes.

What’s more, the system boasts a team of over 350 in-house payroll managers spread across the world to provide expert assistance whenever required.

Again, Deel’s software is designed to be flexible and all-inclusive, which means as you migrate over, you can still run payroll from your own entities in certain countries while maintaining all of your workforce on the same platform. Your personal PRM migrates all worker information over to the Deel platform, transferring all compliance documents, payslips, and tax records and sending out onboarding emails to employees and contractors.


How BCG centralized payroll across 6 nations while enhancing employees’ experiences

With a dispersed global workforce, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting company, used to wrangle multiple payroll systems to pay its people. The team had to run payroll separately for each country, making payroll incredibly difficult to centralize.

“Before 2019, we had to use four vendors for six countries, and each had a different way of operating,” says Rajes Rajamorganan, SEA-payroll manager at BCG.

Additionally, communication was often time-consuming due to language barriers, and some vendors were limited technologically.

“Some had portals that allowed you to upload payslips but no other information,” says Rajamorganan. These portals couldn’t be integrated with BCG’s other online platforms, so employees frequently forgot login details.

“Other vendors didn’t even have online capabilities,” explains Rajamorganan. “They would send payslips by email to employees, which was quite a hassle.” 

In 2019, BCG decided to overcome these challenges by moving to Deel. With Deel, all employees can use a single platform to view payslips, upload background checks, apply for leave, and more.

“Employees tell us the portal is very user-friendly, and they trust the system,” says Rajamorganan. “We don’t have any issues.”

Working with Deel has saved BCG time and resources. The team expects to grow another 10-15% in the next few years while keeping their payroll headcount at 1.5.

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Centralize compliance with Deel

Deel’s the future of centralized global HR and corporate compliance, but it’s software enterprises can use today. It works for enterprises wherever they operate, whatever the employment status of their workforce. It’s built-in global hiring, contracts, visas, background checks, payroll, equipment, benefits, equity, salary insights, and more, made to help enterprises compliantly hire, manage, and pay anyone worry-free.

Whether you want to hire worldwide without opening legal entities, streamline HR for your global team, or bolster your compliance program, Deel does it all. The platform seamlessly integrates into an enterprise’s existing HR and payroll systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting current operations.

Sounds like the solution you’re looking for? Book a demo today to start your organization’s compliance journey.

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