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8 HR Tools You Can Now Use With Deel

Deel Team
Written by Deel Team
April 3, 2024

We’re excited to announce a fresh new set of Deel integrations. Whether it’s boosting security and compliance, streamlining time tracking, or more, your workflows just got better (and more automated!). If you haven’t already, check out a full list of our integrations.

Here’s what’s new: 

1. Hubstaff

Precision time tracking & workforce productivity

Hubstaff's integration with Deel automates the syncing of users with time-based contracts from Deel to Hubstaff, ensuring that employee hours tracked in Hubstaff are accurately reflected in Deel's payroll system. It also aligns payroll periods for each contract between both platforms and enables the direct transfer of approved Hubstaff timesheets to Deel for payroll processing. 
By streamlining these processes, the integration significantly simplifies the workflow for tracking work hours and processing payroll, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations.

2. Time Doctor

Productivity and time tracking 

Time Doctor simplifies managing and paying distributed teams with Deel. Team members can automatically track their work hours in Time Doctor, so you can get all this information into Deel and pay them with the click of a button. Gain accurate work hours across teams with employee-friendly, non-intrusive, automatic time tracking, and accurately pay them without the hassle of manually doing it in Deel.

3. Ravio

Real-time salary and benefits benchmarks

Make building a high-performing team the easiest part of your growth journey. Empower your teams to make efficient budgeting and compensation decisions that are always in line with current market trends. Ravio’s compensation platform provides the most relevant and reliable talent market insights across the total compensation package—view salary, variable, equity, benefits, and diversity benchmarks.

4. PinPoint

Applicant tracking system

From hypergrowth and expansion to evolving policies and hiring manager priorities, talent teams must quickly respond to new demands. Your ATS should make that easier.

PinPoint’s intuitive platform is easy to use for your talent team, hiring managers, and candidates. With the flexible tools you need to continue evolving, remove the need for duplicate and manual data entry by integrating directly with Deel.

5. Scytale

Security compliance automation

Scytale empowers businesses to navigate security compliance effortlessly through automation led by compliance experts, covering various frameworks and regulations, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS. Our partnership with Scytale allows Deel customers to receive a 10% discount off Scytale's compliance automation platform, enabling companies to expand their global workforce seamlessly while ensuring compliance and security.

6. Officely

Work enablement platform

Officely makes flexible work, really work. See who works where each day, whether they’re in the office, at home, or traveling. Get personalized suggestions for the best office days and arrive to find everything you need—from a desk to your lunch order—ready and waiting. All while getting full analytics of how employees are using your office.

7. Make

No-code work automation

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything in minutes—from simple tasks to complex workflows. It’s fast, easy to use, visually intuitive, and requires zero coding expertise.

Make’s integration with Deel lets you automate hiring tasks, trigger onboarding for new hires, and export payroll data to your payroll systems, even if you use payroll or accounting systems in different countries.

8. Learn Amp

People development hub

Learn Amp enables modern companies to balance people-led and company-led learning, aligning individual progress with collective goals. Technology alone is not a silver bullet; Learn Amp is software with a service (SwaS) through its expert coaching services.

The integration between Deel and Learn Amp allows an automatic sync between the platforms—making setup and maintenance of user profiles a smooth experience.

Deel makes growing remote and international teams effortless. Ready to get started?






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