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Create an Exceptional EOR Employee Experience with Deel

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Jemima Owen-Jones


December 25, 2023

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July 03, 2024

Table of Contents

Fast and streamlined onboarding

Self-service platform features

Competitive and compliant benefits and perks

Multiple payment and withdrawal methods

Dedicated HR experience teams

Compliant offboarding

Top talent deserves a top-notch experience

Key takeaways
  1. When you hire through an employer of record, this organization also has an impact on the employee experience you’ll be able to provide to your foreign workers.
  2. An EOR can help standardize processes and consolidate this experience so that it’s positive and unified across all your locations.
  3. Through self-service, dedicated HR experience teams, and other perks, Deel creates an exceptional employee experience for your global workforce, no matter where they are.

Competitive pay, good interpersonal relationships, and opportunities to develop professionally are just a few of the key aspects of a positive employee experience.

When you have all your employees in one location, under one roof, it feels easier to have control over all these aspects and make sure employee satisfaction is at a high level. However, when you start hiring globally, this visibility decreases. If an employer of record also comes into play, it becomes another variable affecting your company culture and the employee experience you’re able to provide to your global workforce.

Luckily, Deel eliminates its customers’ worries over creating a world-class global employee experience. Here are six ways in which our employer of record services make sure your international hires enjoy an equitable and positive experience no matter where they are located.

Fast and streamlined onboarding

Through its automated workflows and country-specific fields that cover different worker types in 100+ countries, Deel enables customers to cut onboarding time in half, making your hiring process more efficient and positive for global employees.

Automate repetitive tasks with our free Workflow Builder

Our new Workflow Builder helps you work faster, with less admin, while providing a smooth experience for workers everywhere.

In just a few clicks, you can build custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks and communication across your organization, from new hire onboarding emails, sending swag, mandatory training, and way more.

Now, ensure your workers have a great experience with all the information they need, at the right time, and get more time back to spend on strategic work.

Read more

The onboarding process can set the tone for the entire employee lifecycle, whether it’s chaotic or streamlined and efficient. Naturally, you want to aim for the latter, but when you run a global team, creating a standardized onboarding process can be challenging:

  • Adding workers to HRIS and payroll tools
  • Collecting compliance documentation for each country
  • Providing access to tools and equipment to new hires
  • Scheduling orientation calls and 1:1 meetings with managers
  • Providing training materials to new employees
  • Integrating new hires into the work environment

Inefficiencies during the execution of these tasks can impact how fast new hires become fully productive in their roles, whether they develop the sense of belonging to their team, how supported they feel, and more. But with proper processes, a new employee can be ready to hit the ground running in no time, from both compliance and scope of work perspectives.

Deel enables companies to provide a world-class onboarding experience through several features:

  • Workflow Builder, that removes manual tasks from your processes, allowing you to create automated reminders and messages for your new hires
  • Country-specific workflows without inapplicable fields that disrupt your workflows and hinder your efficiency
  • Onboarding tool from the Deel Engage suite, which lets you manage the onboarding process within Slack and view your entire onboarding pipeline and each team member’s progress

Self-service platform features

To enable workers to access their salary and benefits when they need them, Deel offers self-service features within the platform.

This way, employees can edit their personal data, withdraw their money through their preferred payment method, access their health insurance and other benefits, and so on. They get to skip the unnecessary communication touchpoints, like contacting the HR to complete these tasks for them or waiting for approval from another team member who might be in a different time zone.

In 2021, a survey that included thousands of knowledge workers, found that flexibility through autonomy is what most workers prioritize in a work arrangement. This autonomy can be more challenging to achieve in remote and distributed teams, but it contributes largely to job satisfaction and employee retention.

A recent study found that providing individuals with greater autonomy resulted in increased responsibility and employee engagement. By giving your team members more control, you can also positively impact their well-being—79% of employees who felt satisfied with their level of autonomy reported having overall good mental health.

Deel helps make your team more autonomous and your processes more efficient by offering employees self-service features within the platform, so that they can, for example, access their pay stub directly, change their own email address, or select a different preferred withdrawal method.

💡 See also: Benefits of Employee Self-Service for Global Payroll Teams

Competitive and compliant benefits and perks

Deel enables customers to provide competitive and attractive benefits packages to their employees and attract top talent around the world.

A study by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation showed that for 63% employees benefits are a top reason to stay with an employer. An EOR takes care of all benefits administration required by law in the country the employee resides, but also additional perks a company chooses to include in the compensation to attract global talent. 

This can be a particularly useful, strategic approach for small businesses, who may not be able to afford expensive benefits for their foreign teammates. By partnering with an EOR organization, even startups and small businesses with limited resources can afford to offer competitive perks to their international employees.

For example, if an Asia-based or Europe-based company wants to hire in the US, they may discover that healthcare and related benefits are very costly in the States. Health insurance is the most important benefit an employer can offer, but can cost several thousand dollars per month even for a small team, which are additional costs on top of an employee’s salary.

Luckily, Deel can provide distributed teams with health insurance, help with plans and pricing, and suggest standard coverage levels with authority.

Deel is a great platform to use for hiring workers in North America because we offer the most competitive benefits and allow clients to choose from many different packages, whether they want to provide full coverage for an employee and their dependents or just pay for their employee. We also offer life insurance, pension, and the ability to match pensions, which gives clients the upper hand to be able to offer some of these things talent in NAM may expect to get.

Gracie Collins,

Senior Customer Success Manager for NAM

Multiple payment and withdrawal methods

Our platform offers multiple payment methods, including the recommended Direct Debit, as well as SWIFT, Wise, Brex, and other ways of paying your international employees.

Employees are able to split their salary between multiple bank accounts, see their payslips, add business expenses to their pay, edit their own bank details, and add worked and/or overtime hours when applicable.

I have been using Deel for my employment, and I must say it has been an amazing experience so far. This platform has completely revolutionized the way I receive my salary and manage my employment contract. It has simplified the entire salary management and contract visibility process and eliminated the hassle and uncertainty that often come with traditional employment systems. I highly recommend Deel to anyone looking for a reliable platform that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction.

Kristin J.,

Deel User, G2

Thanks to Deel’s comprehensive payroll platform, employers can automate payments, tax calculations, and other payroll-related tasks so that employees can get paid on time, every time—no matter where they are. One-click payments eliminate delays in salary processing, so the entire team gets paid simultaneously, providing an equitable experience for everyone.

Deel also offers industry-beating flexibility with extended payroll cut-off dates and on-demand payroll. These features give EOR clients more time to adjust their payroll and provide exceptional financial support to their employees.

⚠️ Some governments require you to pay workers in their local currency, even if your business operates in a different country. Deel’s mass payment services seamlessly handle currency conversions, providing real-time exchange rates and transparent fees. By centralizing currency conversion within the platform, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple financial institutions or external foreign exchange services.

Dedicated HR experience teams

Unlike most employers of record that only focus on customer experience, Deel has in-house dedicated HR experience teams that provide support to your EOR employees in their time zones and languages.

Without proper guidance, employers are more likely to make mistakes while managing their payroll and compliance, which can lead to different penalties and legal risks, as well as delays in payments. To make sure employees are paid on time, we provide 24/7 in-app chat human support in 13 languages, and our first contact resolution rate is 80%*, one of the highest within the industry.

We consider learning how to properly use our platform and what an employer of record actually is the key of successful collaboration. This is why customers get a dedicated onboarding manager as soon as they sign a contract with Deel—our team member who will walk you and your team through the platform and help with migration.

One of the aspects that sets Deel apart is their top-notch employee support team. Whenever I've had inquiries or needed assistance, their team has been prompt, helpful, and genuinely invested in resolving my concerns. Knowing that I can rely on their support gives me the confidence to navigate the platform with ease.

Murat A.,

Deel User, G2

Compliant offboarding

Deel’s in-house team of legal experts with local knowledge anywhere you hire ensures the onboarding process is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

This way, an employee receives the offboarding package they’re entitled to as they leave the company and can terminate their employment relationship on a positive note.

💡 See also: How to Legally Terminate an Employee with Grace

Just like different countries have different employment laws, each country has different termination requirements. In some cases, mutual termination agreements are the best option for separating with employees. Navigating a mutual termination agreement properly limits litigation risk, while secure handling of sensitive information during offboarding is a challenge for many HR teams.

Deel helps you painlessly offboard employees no matter where they’re living, making it easy for either the employee or the employer to initiate the offboarding process.

Our intuitive checklist for offboarding employees simplifies the offboarding process and even helps you reassign the responsibilities of the departing employee. We can offer a legal  review of your termination request and automatically calculate and prepare final payments based on the termination date, local and national labor laws, time off used, and any additional items like severance pay.

Deel also assists your HR team by notifying the employee who’s being offboarded and advising your team members on communicating with them.

Continuous Compliance™
Unlock Continuous Compliance™ with Deel
Keep your finger on the pulse of global compliance issues like never before. Our Compliance Hub provides access to the latest regulatory updates and risk warnings, offering guidance and actionable alerts to enhance compliance—all in a single place.

Top talent deserves a top-notch experience

Today’s competitive labor market requires you to provide a great employee experience if you want to attract and retain top talent.

When you hire this talent through an employer of record, it’s critical to see it as a partner in building an exceptional work environment. How the EOR treats your workforce affects your business outcomes and bottom line as engaged employees will be happier, more productive, and more devoted to the company’s mission and profitability.

Being an international employee can sometimes mean dealing with complex payroll processes. However, my experience with Deel, the cloud-based payroll software, has been great. Deel has made my international employment journey smoother, more transparent, and hassle-free. Deel's employee support team has been incredibly responsive and helpful whenever I've had questions or needed assistance.

Paulette T.,

Deel User, G2

Throughout every stage of the employee lifecycle, Deel is here to support your talent and contribute to your employee experience strategy with streamlined processes, self-service features, perks, and outstanding HR experience team.

Learn more about why business leaders from all over the world trust Deel with their global hiring efforts and how we become your competitive advantage in new markets.

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