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5 Global Mobility Benefits for Startups

Discover why incorporating global mobility into your startup's expansion strategy is key to global success, from accessing funding and expertise to connecting with customers worldwide.

Jemima Owen-Jones
Written by Jemima Owen-Jones
February 8, 2024
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Key takeaways

  1. Global mobility is a company’s ability to support a global workforce, fulfill workers’ preferences, and win the war on talent.
  2. For startups, global mobility is a growth and survival strategy to access top talent, unlock global markets, improve agility, nurture innovation, and survive in the future of work.
  3. Deel’s global HR platform has everything your startup needs to support a mobile workforce and effectively execute a global mobility strategy.

Entrepreneurship is a thrilling journey, with many startup founders embracing global mobility in the early stages of their ventures to travel or relocate to different regions to gain better access to funding, expertise, or potential customers relevant to the startup's niche. 

However, the benefits of global mobility go beyond these initial phases of formation. In this article, we explore why startup founders should embed global mobility into their overall expansion strategy to enjoy global success. 

1. Access to wider talent pools

47% of small business leaders reported job openings they could not fill in March 2023, and 21% reported labor quality as their top small business operating problem, according to NFIB's monthly jobs report.

Startups can overcome talent shortages and skill gaps by embracing global mobility and tapping into a wider talent pool. They can relocate international employees with desirable skills to the startup's home base, relocate employees to a new location with market potential, or enable workers to operate remotely from their home country.

Sourcing top talent for key initial hires is crucial for startups and can be a make-or-break factor for their success. The first hires set the tone for the company culture, work ethic, and skillset. Strong initial hires create a solid foundation for future business growth and attract even more global talent. 

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💡 Deel’s employer of record (EOR) model makes it possible for your startup to legally hire employees in new countries where it doesn’t have a legal entity. The EOR acts as the legal employer for your foreign hires, assumes all legal responsibilities regarding employment (contracts, salaries, benefits, tax compliance), and ensures you hire from different countries in full compliance with local jurisdictions and employment laws.

As the largest EOR provider globally, Deel is the official employer of over 20,000 active employees representing over 100 entities — from Spain and Singapore to New Zealand and South Africa.

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I can’t imagine having to open up an entity in a certain city just to be able to hire someone. Deel solves a real problem, and up to now, we’ve been very happy with the service.

Elias Ek, Co-founder, Keego

2. Unlocked global markets 

Expanding your startup's presence in new international markets can substantially benefit your business. By deploying local talent or relocating employees quickly and efficiently, you can establish a physical presence that enhances your brand image and credibility, thereby attracting potential partners, stakeholders, investors, and customers. 

💡Deel’s global HR platform also has built-in visa and immigration support to help you facilitate the work authorization and employee relocation process with minimal administrative burden. Via the platform, you can:

  • Assess visa eligibility for founders and workers in a few easy steps
  • Streamline visa and work permit procurement with EOR sponsorship
  • Initiate the visa and work permit application process with the visa application tool
  • Track the application process with real-time updates and alerts
  • Access support from a team of in-house immigration experts
  • View all immigration activities from a single dashboard 

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[Deel] enabled us to be more ambitious in our global expansion plan…[when talking with potential customers, the team is confident in saying,] Yes, we can be there in X months, [because Deel can get them set up from day one.]

Saran Somaskanthan, Head of International Expansion, Zoomo

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3. Improved agility 

Beyond expanding your customer base and revenue potential, increasing your startup's exposure to new markets acts as a powerful risk mitigation strategy. 

Imagine your home market experiencing an economic downturn: by having established footholds in diverse geographical and economic landscapes, you're not solely reliant on that single source of income. This diversification acts as a financial buffer, potentially smoothing out fluctuations and ensuring consistent growth even during challenging times.

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✨ Discover how Floship retained its top team members, even in the case of relocation.

When the conflict started in Europe, some of our team members in Ukraine had to relocate. Thanks to Deel, we were able to provide those team members with job security and flexibility, which helped reduce the amount of stress they were feeling at the time.

Carmen Fan, Head of Marketing, Floship

4. Enhanced talent acquisition and retention

A staggering 77% of knowledge workers would prefer to work for a company that allows them to work from anywhere rather than one that boasts fancy corporate headquarters, according to Harvard Business Reviews’ hybrid working study. This underlines the significance of embracing talent mobility as it recognizes workers' aspirations to travel, experience new cities or countries, or even relocate to be closer to their family and friends.

By prioritizing global mobility, startups have the potential to enhance their employer brand significantly and offer a more enjoyable employee experience, ultimately leading to better talent attraction and retention rates through enhanced employee wellbeing.

💡 Deel’s free Work From Anywhere (WFA) Policy Template is a great addition to any global mobility program. A WFA policy can help your startup attract and retain skilled professionals while requiring little to no financial investment and even lowering office overheads. 

Many skilled digital nomads and mobile employees are drawn to WFA initiatives as they allow them to enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

✨ Discover how Quantium retained top talent with Deel's global mobility solutions.

With Deel, we have an easy remote work solution powered by a user-friendly platform and a seamless process. This has been helpful in ensuring we didn’t lose key staff and the deep corporate knowledge and skills that are hugely beneficial to our business.

Lysette Randall, Executive, HR Performance & Partnering, Quantium

5. Elevated innovation, inclusivity, equity, and diversity

Startups that embrace global mobility gain a competitive edge through the power of diversity. By incorporating talent from around the world, you inject your startup with a vibrant mix of new cultures, backgrounds, skills, and perspectives.

Beyond innovation, global mobility fosters cultural awareness and inclusivity. Your startup gains a deeper understanding of different local markets, customs, and viewpoints, allowing you to tailor your products and services for broader resonance. 

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✨ Discover how Deel’s helping Veriff become one of the fastest-growing startups around.

Deel has been a great help with all the questions ranging from Employment Law, payroll, taxes, and benefits. Hiring internationally is pretty much the norm for startups, as cultural diversity plays a vital role in any business and economy. Culture is what separates a great company from an average one— not only the culture of the company but also the cultural variety of the team.

Veriff, global identity verification service company, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia

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Global mobility holds the power to bring you closer to your ideal business outcomes—but it’s a complex process to navigate alone.

Deel’s global platform combines mobility, global hiring, and HR management to hire, manage, pay, and support talented workers, provide the right experience, and remain compliant so your startup can flourish.

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