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Improve Enterprise Payroll in 6 Easy Steps With Deel

Learn how to improve payroll processes for your enterprise organization. Increase speed, accuracy, and scalability, no matter where your team is located.

Shannon Hodgen
Written by Shannon Hodgen
August 17, 2023
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Key takeaways

  1. Manual payroll management becomes increasingly challenging for enterprises due to the complexities of their organizational structure, global operations, and diverse compliance requirements.
  2. Deel’s Global Payroll system offers an all-in-one solution for handling payroll, ensuring accuracy and compliance across different regions and jurisdictions.
  3. Deel’s automation of mass payments offers an efficient solution to streamline the payment process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring timely and accurate payments for organizations.

What’s the most time-consuming step of payroll for your team? For 30% of companies, it’s manually entering or loading payroll inputs, followed by entering adjustments and reconciliations. In response, many enterprise leaders are looking to improve payroll efficiency by using automation for manual processes, data consolidation, and even to answer employee questions.

Today, 15,000+ companies use Deel to streamline their international payroll. Deel’s Global Payroll system is designed to handle complex payroll tax calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance across states and countries. We take care of everything from basic wage calculations and payslips to tax reporting and compliance, minimizing the risk of error and increasing the efficiency of your payroll.

Read on to learn how to improve payroll processes worldwide with Deel.

The problem: High cost-to-serve (CTS) manual workflows

As an enterprise team grows, their manual processes for running payroll become increasingly challenging to scale. Higher volumes of employees, payments, and payroll data test the limitations of manual workflows, as more data entry, calculations, and record-keeping is required. And if you rely on specific individuals to manage those manual tasks, you’re putting your payroll at risk if they leave.

Manual workflows are also more susceptible to payroll mistakes, ranging from data entry errors and missing compliance requirements to miscalculating wages and taxes, which require additional time and effort to identify and correct. And if you rely heavily on manual workflows, you’re more likely to fall behind competitors who have already embraced automation and digital transformation.

Deel’s solution

Deel uses automation to streamline manual payroll workflows. By automating tasks such as data entry, calculations, and compliance audits, Deel reduces the burden on a company’s payroll teams, allowing them to focus on strategic activities rather than repetitive tasks.

With Deel, you can say goodbye to manual payroll processing and welcome automated efficiency:

  • Use compliant, pre-built templates for employment contracts with correct worker classifications
  • Automatically collect the necessary worker information for the HR and payroll departments, such as permits, bank information, and tax compliance documentation
  • Enable workers to upload files themselves with the employee self-service portal 
  • Sync your invoice data with your preferred accounting software solution
  • Automatically create contractor invoices
  • Fund payroll and pay your entire team in one click with our bulk payment feature
  • Instantly generate IRS Forms W9 and Form W8 for US team members
  • Easily file contractors’ 1099s directly from your dashboard 

We still are a 5% HR staff company for 130 people right now. That’s extremely lean for any company. Deel played a huge role in this efficiency and productivity we have. All of the validations that the recruiting team used to do, thanks to Deel, are now done automatically.

Oscar Matroberti, HR Manager and Recruiter, Devbase

The problem: Slow and unreliable customer support

Slow customer support can have a domino effect on payroll processes, leading to significant issues that impact payment accuracy, tax and labor compliance, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

When a payroll issue arises—such as a payment error or compliance concern—and the assistance you urgently need isn’t available, it can trigger even more problems. This not only puts the company at risk but is also frustrating for payroll teams. They need quick answers to keep things running smoothly, but instead, they spend their time troubleshooting issues and become stuck in a loop of problems that slow them down.


Deel’s solution

Deel’s dedication to customer success isn’t just a strategy–it’s a core value. From personalized support to proactive problem-solving, Deel’s customer success manager (CSM) are committed to fostering mutual growth, partnership, and customer satisfaction. Every client receives a dedicated CSM who provides them with:

  • Personalized, client-specific assistance
  • Proactive anticipation of potential challenges
  • A strategic partner who is deeply familiar with your business needs
  • A comprehensive account management approach
  • Tailored onboarding to Deel and implementation support

Deel clients also benefit from 24/7 in-app support with a rapid response time of just 1.25 minutes. These features ensure that enterprises receive immediate assistance whenever they need it, which minimizes the impact of any potential payroll disruptions.

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The problem: Payroll errors

Payroll errors within enterprise companies have far-reaching consequences that impact both financial stability and operational efficiency. A third of organizations say their biggest payroll compliance challenges come from inaccurate employee source data being imported into the payroll system.

Inaccurate employee payments, resulting from these errors, can result in financial strain for both the company and its employees, disrupting cash flow and morale. They can also potentially lead to legal complications if the errors involve non-compliance with local labor laws and tax regulations.

The process of rectifying these errors consumes valuable time and resources from HR and finance teams, diverting their attention away from strategic tasks and hindering overall productivity. Resources that could be dedicated to areas like talent development, recruitment, and employee engagement are redirected to error rectification, impeding the company’s growth potential. 

Deel’s solution

Deel’s payroll software handles complex payroll tax calculations, including variations across states and countries, as well as different tax laws for global hires, to reduce the likelihood of errors and compliance risks. Our team takes care of:

  • Loading employee payroll details
  • Reviewing data conversions for accuracy and completeness
  • Confirming the payroll setup is compliant with country regulations
  • Payroll processing and tax reporting
  • Calculating all employee expense reimbursements, and employer tax and benefit contributions
  • Basic pay calculation
  • Gross-to-net calculations (G2N)
  • Creation of all statutory reports as required by applicable laws (EB report, YTD report, Changes Export report, etc.)
  • Creation of payslips (also known as pay stubs)
  • Withhold and process federal, state, province, and local tax transactions, including payments and filings according to the most recent tax tables, all as required by applicable law
  • Respond to inquiries from tax authorities according to the same standards as client inquiries and responses
  • Process and electronically make available liability amounts to be funded each payroll and year-end federal, state/province, local, and employee reports

The problem: Multiple platforms with inconsistent processes

When it comes to payroll compliance, using different platforms that each have their own set of processes can easily result in errors, omissions, or misinterpretations of a country’s requirements—especially if the platforms aren’t specifically designed to support global payroll.

Using inconsistent platforms often leads to duplicated efforts, as human resources and payroll teams might need to perform similar tasks multiple times on different systems. This also increases the potential attack surface for cybersecurity threats, as each platform may have different security protocols, which can lead to vulnerabilities if not properly managed.

Some platforms also don’t communicate well with each other, depending on how they’re integrated. This can lead to discrepancies in employee data, such as job roles, compensation, and tax information. These discrepancies not only lead to incorrect pay calculations but can also interfere with accurate reporting and analysis, making it difficult to identify trends and insights.

How SiteMinder confidently expanded in global markets while staying compliant with Deel

“Transitioning to Deel has saved us approx 2-3 days per month in administration time and costs. We used to have multiple people across the globe trying to coordinate and diagnose issues or run manual processes. The time saved includes multiple salaries and productivity time.” — Bec Donnelly, Vice President of People, Siteminder

Deel’s solution

With Deel, you also have a single process and point of contact for each country to ensure consistent reporting, standardized processes, and better support. This streamlines communication, reduces complexity, and enhances overall data accuracy.

Process Comparison-1

Deel also offers easy integration with 20+ HR platforms and tools. With automatic synchronization of employee data, Deel ensures that your payroll information is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible in one centralized platform.

Or, you can use Deel’s API to can connect the platform to tools beyond our pre-built integrations, enabling you to sync data across your HR tech stack. Our API documentation explains how you can:

  • Hire directly from the platform
  • Sync timesheets for instant payouts
  • Sync employee data across platforms
  • Sync employee PTO data to your global-first HRIS
  • Update data in real-time with webhooks
  • And more

To set up multi-application provisioning on Deel, all you have to do is click on ‘Apps & Integrations’ on your dashboard, where you’ll see our list of app provisioning partners. From there, you can set up our integration in just a few simple steps. 


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The problem: Fragmented employee data

The more countries a company operates in, the more HR and payroll platforms it will use to manage pay schedules, payroll policies, time tracking, vacation days, and paycheck distribution. Companies in 30+ countries often use nine or more payroll providers to meet international needs.

Managing payroll and employee data across multiple HR platforms can lead to incorrect information, data silos, and potential inaccuracies, disrupting your company’s payroll processes and reporting. Without a unified view of employee data, payroll decision-makers may struggle to derive meaningful insights from their data.

Deel’s solution

With Deel, you can manage payments for all workers in one platform, whether you hire direct employees through your own entities using Global Payroll, hire and pay workers under our employer of record (EOR) model, or manage independent contractors.

Deel’s Global Payroll has the functionality to simplify multi-currency payroll so international workers get paid the correct amount in their local currency, instead of clients relying on several in-country payroll partners. 

Using a global payroll service provider also means all functions are standardized for your team, no matter who they’re processing payroll for or where. For example, if you move a payroll team member from one country to another, the payroll process and systems will be the same, making your team more flexible and agile. Here’s a closer look at the differences between outsourcing payroll to a local vs. global provider:

decentralized payroll vs centralized payroll infographic | deelThe problem: Manual, time-consuming payment methods

Manual payment methods significantly impact the payroll processes of enterprise companies by introducing delays, errors, and inefficiencies. 

Traditional manual methods involve manual data entry, paper checks, and physical handling of payments, which can lead to calculation mistakes and delays in disbursing salaries and wages. This not only affects employee satisfaction but also disrupts cash flow management. Even manual mass payment processing can be time-consuming and error-prone if the processes aren’t managed and automated properly.

Deel’s solution

Deel offers an efficient solution by automating mass payment processing. With Deel’s platform, organizations can streamline the payment process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring timely and accurate payments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select who you want to pay: Filter by team, entity, contract type, currency, or country to refine your selection.

    mass pay 1
  1. Select your payment method: The continued workflow will vary depending on your chosen payment method. Some methods require additional steps.

    mass pay 2
  1. Confirm your payment: Review the payment details and confirm your request.

    mass pay 3

Once you make the invoice payment to Deel, our payroll team distributes the funds directly to your workers’ Deel accounts. You can then track the payment status in the payments tab of your dashboard.

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See how fast and easy global payroll management can be

Most small business owners can afford to manage payroll manually, at least in their first few years of business. But the complexity of an enterprise’s structure and global footprint amplifies the challenges of manual payroll. Different legal systems, tax regulations, and reporting requirements across various countries can create a web of complexity that manual workflows can’t efficiently navigate.

I can only imagine how annoying it would be to have to process the payments manually twice a month or have to remember the exact day that we have to pay each team. Thanks to Deel, I just need to go to the payments section, press the pay button, and that’s it. It gives me the peace of mind that everyone is getting paid, on time, all over the world.

Daniel Aksioutine, COO, Divbrands

As a top-rated global payroll provider, Deel makes it easy for enterprise organizations to handle a growing workforce, adapt to changing tax regulations, and swiftly respond to evolving payroll needs. 

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