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10 Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

Seems like the whole world has gone remote! If you are on the fence about switching to remote work, this will help you make up your mind and see all the benefits of hiring remote workers.

Stefana Zaric
Written by Stefana Zaric
September 7, 2021
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Remote is the most common word in the entire business world right now. Even before the dramatic events of 2020, many companies, and even more current and potential employees have started to make this shift towards working from anywhere. The era of open spaces and stuffy office cubicles seems to have come to an end, to the relief of many.

But even if it’s for the best, change is still scary. Perhaps you think that the transformation to remote working is too much for both you and your company. And you might be right - it can be challenging to completely change the entire modus operandi of a person, let alone a company. But it can be so beneficial! We’ve compiled a long and thorough list of ten benefits to convince you that transition to a remote way of working will be the best decision you could make. Sit back and read through. You’ll thank us later.  

1. Remote work positively impacts the environment

Let us start with a huge benefit that many people overlook, and they shouldn’t. Being green has long stopped being a choice, it is now a necessity. The dreadful statistics we are witnessing every day are surely making everyone wonder - how can I contribute more? In addition to well-familiar recycling, shopping locally, reducing plastic, etc, the choices you make in the business world can make a significant impact as well. Because remote work positively impacts the environment! Every time you jump on a Zoom call instead of getting in your car and suffering through insufferable traffic jams, you are doing this planet a favor. The same goes for commuting in general, the use of paper and plastic in the office, all the energy that is being used, and all the waste that is being created. Working remotely decreases carbon footprint, and that is a huge benefit for all of us!

2. The world becomes your talent pool

Perhaps this is the biggest benefit for your business - the ability to select your future employees from anywhere! The remote workforce is diverse, present everywhere, highly skilled and educated, and usually more flexible than their office counterparts. That means that you have access to the best talents out there, and you don’t have to be limited by the local realities. You would also be happy to hear that employees that are top talent usually prefer working remotely. Why? Take a look at the next benefit of remote working.

3. Work-life balance becomes less of an issue

If remote is the number one word in business right now, then burnout is the second. More and more employees are reporting every day that they are suffering from mild or sometimes serious health consequences due to high levels of exhaustion and stress. This was an issue that was important before the pandemic but has now become more severe than ever. It is a complex problem that won’t be fixed with a quick solution, but work-life balance is one of the key steps to healing and recovering.

Working remotely and telecommuting saves time and energy thus allowing employees to make better use of the time they have left. That makes them feel happier, which in turn makes them better employees. Who would’ve thought that working less time and under less pressure leads to more productive and happier employees? You heard it here first, folks.

4. Productivity increases when work is done remotely

This benefit is very closely related to the work-life balance we just talked about. To create such balance, working overtime is not an option. This is why most remote workers can focus better during the hours they are officially working, to make sure the work doesn’t overflow into their free time. Just because their workspace isn’t in the office doesn’t necessarily mean that they are available, so they do their best to complete their tasks during designated working hours. Many remote companies have a very strict remote work policy when it comes to working requests outside of designated hours to protect their employees.

In addition to this, a lot of workers claim that one of the benefits of remote working is the fact that there are way fewer distractions, making them better at focusing and increasing productivity levels. Office space is often equipped with a lot of entertainment gadgets, time-stealers, and comfy chairs. Not all of that increases concentration, although it helps morale.

5. Remote work improves communication too!

This remote work benefit, particularly visible in remote teams, is sometimes even the biggest advocates of this way of working often miss. It seems that, when working face-to-face, you would communicate better. However, the opposite is true. A lot gets lost in translation, nonverbal communication, context, etc. Remote workers don’t have the luxury of so many cues; their messages are often written, in emails, Slack channels, and Skype chats. And they know they need to get their point across, so they practice their communication skills until they sharpen them to perfection.

6. Client relationships improve by extending hours of operation

If you decide to hire remote workers, you can work with people in different time zones. This means that you can have 24/7 support without anyone having to work in the evenings or during the night. If you combine that with the fact that they won’t waste any energy during long commutes, as a result, you get impeccable customer support. Now that's something your old clients are going to appreciate, and your new clients are going to fall in love with.

7. Remote work is very cost-efficient

There is a reason why remote work is so attractive to startups- cost savings. Hiring remote workers and not investing in office space, office supplies, furniture, equipment, etc. makes a big difference when it comes to budgeting. You can redirect that money into actions that will cause you to grow your business even further - hiring top talent, offering great perks, increasing your brand awareness on job sites and LinkedIn… This will, in turn, generate more revenue, so your decision to go remote will improve your business significantly.

8. Remote workers save time and money, too!

Although it is rarely mentioned, not working in the office is also beneficial for employees' budgets. In addition to the monthly cost of Wi-Fi, and home office equipment purchasing, they have no other costs. On the other hand, daily visits to the office require a lot more - gas, or a bus fare, buying lunch, purchasing a wardrobe suitable for the office. If you include makeup, hairdressers, and that tasty Starbucks Mocha latte… You get the picture. Saving money for employees might not be a top benefit of the remote way of working, but it isn’t something you should neglect. Why? Well, anything that is good for your employees is good for your business.

9. Employee retention is higher, as well as the overall satisfaction of your remote employees

All of the benefits we’ve listed have a significant impact on the workforce. Remote team members enjoy improved communication, working moms enjoy the flexible schedules remote work offers, company culture benefits from the relieved pressure. All of this leads to a lower employee turnover, causing employers to save money. In turn, that money is used to further benefit employee conditions, leading to increased job satisfaction, causing employees to be better performance. This also increases the overall employee brand, attracts talented new hires, and further improves the remote job position that the company is offering. And in the end, this leads to.

10. Your company’s profit will increase

Even though everything else matters just as much, every business needs to be as profitable as it can be, for as long as possible. Having remote workers can do just that. Flexible work is the future, Gen Z and Millennials are looking to have more diverse and turbulent careers than their parents did, and not attaching yourself to a strict schedule and a 2x2 office cube is a big part of that.

Of course, there are still some complications and challenges that come with remote hiring. But if you know how to use all of the different options that remote working can offer, your employees, clients, and company in general, will benefit tremendously.

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