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How Staffing Agencies Can Guarantee a Good Employee Experience With an EOR

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Jemima Owen-Jones


May 16, 2024

Last Update

July 02, 2024

Table of Contents

1. Streamlined onboarding

2. Reduced work friction

3. Increased sense of belonging

4. Fair and competitive compensation

5. Compliance with labor laws

Provide an excellent employee experience with Deel EOR

Key takeaways
  1. Providing a cohesive experience for workers spread out across various placements is a challenge for staffing agencies, particularly in an international context. Yet, a good employee experience is essential for fostering engagement, productivity, and satisfaction for both the workers and the clients.
  2. Employer of Record (EOR) services play a crucial role in facilitating compliant international hiring without the necessity of establishing legal entities. However, what many staffing agencies may not realize is that they are also a key ingredient in creating a world-class employee experience.
  3. EORs like Deel provide an all-in-one platform designed for the seamless management of global teams. It supports employees (and contractors) at every stage of their journey with your agency, from onboarding to offboarding.

A good employee experience is the new employee value proposition. How a staffing agency treats and interacts with its talent after placement can help differentiate it from its competitors.

It leads to satisfied, engaged workers who are more likely to provide excellent services to clients, which in turn fosters higher client satisfaction and returning customers. 

However, as a staffing agency, providing a cohesive team experience for a dispersed international workforce can pose a challenge.

A disconnect often exists between the energy used when placing the candidate and the ongoing support provided afterward, which can make the worker feel expendable.

While many staffing agencies may be familiar with EORs as a way to engage employees across borders compliantly, they may not be familiar with EORs as an employee experience strategy.  

More on the benefits of EORs for global hiring can be found in this Employer of Record Guide.

Here are five ways to create a good employee experience using Deel EOR, regardless of their location or employment status.

1. Streamlined onboarding

A positive onboarding experience sets the stage for an engaged and productive worker.

In fact, research shows that an employee’s early experiences affect their workplace behavior. A negative onboarding experience can lead to counterproductive work behavior.

Using Deel as your EOR ensures that all workers have a consistent, positive onboarding experience. This helps them adapt to the new work environment and culture more effectively. 

Additionally, an EOR prevents your staffing agency from overlooking vital steps that can improve the employee experience, such as:

  • Ensuring all paperwork is up-to-date to avoid misunderstandings

  • Providing timely orientation materials, including information about company culture, policies, and key personnel contacts

  • Granting access to necessary software, tools, and systems

  • Setting up regular check-ins to address worker concerns and provide support

  • Clarifying role and performance expectations

  • Assigning a buddy or mentor for guidance

These steps not only facilitate workers’ adaptation but also build their confidence and effectiveness in their new roles. Plus, they help prevent a fragmented employee experience resulting from differences in workers’ locations and contract types.

Deel automates and streamlines the entire process, cutting its time by half. You get help with tasks, such as:

  • Collecting and drafting contracts, tax, and other legal documentation tailored to the labor laws and regulations of each country

  • Building country-specific workflows using a powerful workflow builder
    Sending automated reminders and messages to new hires

Discover how Finder cuts onboarding time in half and reduces HR admin by 20% with Deel.

Having Deel’s team handle compliance and statutory requirements frees up my time to focus on providing better workplace experiences, like onboarding to building the capabilities of our workforce,

Isaiah James Peralta,

Head of Distributed Services

Deel Employer of Record
Hire employees globally with the #1 Employer of Record
Deel provides safe and secure EOR services in 100+ countries. We’ll quickly hire and onboard employees on your behalf—with payroll, tax, and compliance solutions built into the same, all-in-one platform.

2. Reduced work friction

Work friction is the additional effort a worker must use to overcome any resistance in pursuing their goals. It can lead to frustration, burnout, and decreased job satisfaction, significantly impacting the employee experience.

An EOR can reduce work friction in two main areas.

Access to adequate infrastructure with workspace memberships and equipment 

Lack of access to proper infrastructure can hinder workers’ ability to perform their tasks efficiently. That’s why Deel’s equipment management and coworking space membership add-ons are essential features of the Deel platform.

These add-ons ensure high productivity and streamlined logistics for remote and globally dispersed teams.

Adequate infrastructure, in this context, includes:

  • A comfortable workspace that reduces eye strain and sensory fatigue, such as ergonomic equipment

  • Necessary tools and software to perform tasks effectively

Regular maintenance and upgrades of tools to prevent disruptions and downtime

The good news is that Deel’s equipment add-on streamlines the logistics of equipping globally dispersed teams.

It helps select the right vendors, equipment regulations, and door-to-door delivery across borders while staying within your budget and timelines.

Discover how VoiceFlow sends equipment hassle-free to its international team with Deel.

It was a mess. We couldn’t control and know the exact shipping date, which gave a bad experience to the new hires and the internal team solving this. Plus, the cost could sometimes [double],

Andrew Lawrence,

Co-founder and Head of Operations

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Access to personal information through a self-serve platform

Limited access to personal information, especially for workers operating across borders, can lead to friction.

For instance, having to email HR to update their home address or access payslips adds a layer of complexity and delay to a simple task, making the employee experience frustrating.

Self-serve platforms empower workers to be autonomous and self-sufficient, leading to a smoother experience and less HR admin. 

Deel’s self-serve platform enhances the accessibility of vital information.

Workers can change personal details or adjust preferences like payment methods without involving a third party. And if they need extra support with an issue, they can access it through the platform.

Some of the vital information accessible through Deel’s self-serve platform includes:

  • Salaries, bonuses, and benefits

  • Performance reviews

  • Time-off requests

  • Contact information

  • Training certifications

This approach increases transparency and trust among workers. Workers can access their personal information and manage their development, career growth, and finances with ease.

Discover how Project44 provides employees in 25 different countries with a superior experience while reducing admin work through Deel’s self-serve platform.

We use Deel as the go-to place to figure everything out. From hiring team members efficiently around the world to providing them with a portal where they can go for any question they have. We have a dedicated Customer Success Manager whose support has always been incredible. We love Deel.

Chloe Riesenberg,

People Specialist

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3. Increased sense of belonging

A sense of belonging is crucial for workers to feel needed, valued, and like they fit within the integral system of an organization. Deel EOR service enhances workers’ sense of connection with colleagues through tools like Deel Engage.

A 2022 leadership development survey showed that workers who feel a sense of belonging are more engaged, inspired, and happier.

It also benefits the organization in that these workers are more productive. According to the survey:

  • 54% are likely to go above and beyond in their work

  • 48% give their best

  • 43% are more productive

  • 32% are more effective

  • 31% are more committed to stay

Deel Engage is a suite of tools that help manage the development, performance, and training of workers across all locations. These tools enhance workers’ connection to the organization and colleagues in several ways: 

  • 360° reviews encourage feedback from peers, creating a sense of teamwork and mutual support

  • Access to and sharing of training resources fosters a sense of community and shared learning

  • OKRs demonstrate to employees and contractors how their efforts contribute to organizational goals

  • Growth plans and skills matrices enhance the skills and knowledge of workers, helping them feel like valuable contributors to the organization

Moreover, Deel Engage seamlessly integrates with platforms like Slack. This allows workers to stay in touch and collaborate with their teams and colleagues.

It also simplifies the organization of virtual hangouts and team-building exercises, which are highly effective in building stronger bonds among workers.

Discover how Responsible Cyber uses Deel Engage and EOR to make all types of employees feel integrated and valued.

I particularly like that Deel is our HR one-stop shop for direct and EOR employees without differentiation. We also use Deel HR across the business, which means we do not need to use or maintain two different platforms or services while integrating our international employees. Deel HR offers valuable features like vacation and leave submission with a consistent feel and experience for all.

Dr. Magda Chelly,

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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4. Fair and competitive compensation

Competitive salaries and benefits are a major contributor to a good employee experience. Research studies have proven a significant positive relationship between monetary compensation and an employee’s overall extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction.

Deel offers guidance on fair employee compensation strategies. It also provides tools like salary insights to help you set the right pay scales for each role and country.

This ensures that international workers employed through your staffing agency do not face a gap between their earnings and the cost of living in their country, causing financial stress.

You get the information necessary to negotiate competitive salaries with your workers. It ensures alignment with the country’s cost of labor and compliance with minimum wage and payroll laws.
In addition, Deel has exclusive partnerships with top-tier health insurance providers. This means your staffing agency can offer entity-level benefits to its workers at a discounted price. 

Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the best health insurance, worker’s compensation, and retirement plans for your workers. 

Workers also have multiple payment options, more than what our competitors offer. Plus, they have the flexibility to access their money even faster through instant card transfers, a Deel card, or Deel advance.

Discover how EasyBroker improved its salary offerings and reduced payment processing time from 4 days to 10 minutes with Deel.

Before working with Deel, we only hired in Mexico. Now, we open roles to any country in Latin America and we have reduced the recruitment time by almost 50%. It also helped us offer more competitive salaries and better benefits.

Sandra Rodríguez León,

Operations and People Coordinator

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5. Compliance with labor laws

Compliance is a crucial factor that staffing agencies cannot afford to neglect or underestimate. It significantly influences the employee experience and the overall workplace culture.

Using an EOR like Deel helps you comply with local laws when managing international workers engaged through your staffing agency. It guarantees that their employment arrangements and working conditions meet legal requirements.

For example, every contract you create on the Deel platform is vetted by local legal experts and reviewed quarterly to ensure it remains compliant with local labor laws.

This provides international employees with a good experience as they can rest assured knowing that their contracts are accurate and valid and that they will receive all of their mandatory entitlements.

Deel’s built-in compliance protection guides your agency in treating workers fairly, contributing to their sense of security and happiness at work.

Discover how BBMSL ensures compliance in hiring its international workers as it undergoes expansion with Deel.

Once we identify the candidate, we want to advance them to the offer stage quickly, and using Deel means that we don’t have to wait around for localizing contracts with the local laws and regulations. We are able to quickly secure our talent, get their contracts ready for processing, and have them onboarded immediately.

Joey Leung,

Director of Strategic Alliances

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Provide an excellent employee experience with Deel EOR

No doubt, an EOR service is essential for providing a superior employee experience to your staff. However, not just any EOR service will do; you need Deel, an all-in-one tool designed to elevate the employee journey.

Deel EOR service operates in over 150 countries, allowing you to hire and retain top talent without the limitations of geographical barriers. In addition, it offers:

  • A single platform for onboarding, managing, and offboarding workers in multiple locations, providing a cohesive and streamlined employee (and contractor) experience

  • Automation features to streamline HR processes

  • A self-serve platform that provides workers of all classifications with autonomy and flexibility

  • Over 200 in-house experts that ensure compliance with the latest local laws and regulations

These are just some of the features that the Deel EOR service provides to enhance employee experience. A positive employee experience boosts employee retention and productivity. It reduces the need for frequent replacements that can disrupt your clients’ operations.

Satisfied clients are more likely to remain loyal and provide referrals, boosting the growth of your staffing agency.

Experience the Deel EOR service by booking a demo with our team today.

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