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Deel EOR: How HR and People Ops can Manage Global Teams

Managing global teams is easy with the support of Deel EOR. Learn how Deel streamlines global HR operations and ensures compliance across multiple countries.

Jemima Owen-Jones
Written by Jemima Owen-Jones
May 31, 2024
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Key takeaways

  1. Global hiring has many benefits, yet it entails handling complex local employment laws. You also need to ensure a positive employee experience across different locations and manage diverse HR data.
  2. The right Employer of Record (EOR) simplifies global operations and ensures local regulatory compliance. It reduces administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on the more strategic aspects of HR management.
  3. Deel EOR provides an all-in-one platform for hiring and managing global HR compliantly. It also offers advice on workforce management strategies tailored to each labor market.

Hiring international workers with Deel EOR allows you to access a larger, more diverse talent pool. It brings in individuals with various experiences and perspectives into your workforce.

These workers offer valuable insights into local markets, cultures, and customer preferences, which are crucial for international expansion.

With Deel EOR in your tech stack, you gain the capabilities, tools, and insights needed to manage the complexities of a global team, including:

  • Addressing local job market challenges, such as talent availability and salary expectations
  • Fostering team cohesion
  • Navigating employment laws, tax regulations, and compliance requirements in multiple countries
  • Simplifying HR processes
  • Centralizing HR data

Learn how Deel EOR can be your ideal partner in global team management and enhancing the employee experience.

Use Deel EOR to attract top talent

The quality of talent in your roles is crucial for the success of your global expansion. It largely impacts your company’s performance.

Deel EOR removes a key challenge in finding and hiring top talent—competition from bigger brands with better benefits. This is crucial, as monetary compensation is the top factor employees look at when selecting an employer.

Deel EOR ensures you hit the right spot with your pay by providing the following:

  • An employee cost calculator and salary insights tool to help benchmark compensation for different roles in various countries
  • Guidance on minimum wage and payroll laws for each country
  • Access to discounted rates from top-tier insurance providers, allowing you to offer attractive benefits to your workers

With the right tools and information, you can optimize your compensation strategy to attract and retain top talent.

✨ Discover how Prenetics offers attractive perks and benefits to candidates with Deel. It ensures a positive employee experience from the first contact.

While we see no shortage of talent once we expand our search globally, it is still difficult to find the right match, especially for our industry. It’s therefore important that we are able to provide attractive and competitive packages, which we can effortlessly do with Deel.

Samantha Kwok, Vice President of People and Operations, Prenetics

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Salary Insights Background Removed

Hire employees and contractors compliantly

Hiring domestically is often straightforward. However, becoming a global employer introduces complex local regulations that can be overwhelming.

Deel EOR for hiring interntaional employees and Deel Shield for hiring contractors simplify this process. They enable compliant hiring in over 150 countries where we’ve established local entities.

These tools ensure correct employee classification, localized agreements, hiring contracts, and payroll. They also minimize legal risks, ensuring smooth cross-border operations.

Additionally, Deel’s tax and compliance experts help you adhere to employment regulations and laws throughout the employee lifecycle.

By handling these complexities, Deel EOR reduces dependence on legal teams while ensuring your organization complies with local requirements.

✨ Discover how Project44 has hired 129 people in 25 countries and saved $500,000 with Deel.

Deel Shield gave us peace of mind when hiring people as contractors in any part of the world. I don’t have to worry anymore about compliance. It feels much safer.

Chloe Riesenberg, People Specialist, Project44

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Worker classification across various countries

Leverage Deel EOR to complete HR admin

Middle managers spend nearly a day each week on administrative tasks. HR and people operations, in particular, handle demanding admin work like recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, and contractor management.

Juggling these responsibilities across multiple systems can result in data discrepancies and increased workload. These tasks are also time-consuming and divert focus from strategic HR activities.
This is where Deel’s workflow builder steps in.

The workflow builder enables the creation of custom workflows that automate repetitive HR tasks. This includes:

  • Hiring workflows, including background checks
  • Onboarding workflows, such as customized onboarding emails, mandatory training, providing access to software, and issuing equipment
  • Offboarding workflows, including automatic calculation of final payments
  • Country-specific employment contract generation workflows
  • Global payroll automation
  • Expense management and payouts

Deel’s workflow builder lets you customize as many workflows as you need for different locations and worker classifications. It caters to the needs of international teams.

✨ Discover how Mynewsdesk saves over 120 hours of admin work monthly with Deel.

We have streamlined and automated a typically very heavy administrative process. This frees up time for us to focus on value-creating activities. This solution has made administration much simpler.

Sandra Kiesel Lindberg, Chief People Officer, Mynewsdesk

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Onboarding + Integrations Edit

Provide comprehensive reports and analytics

Reporting and analytics for your workforce are essential for making informed decisions about hiring, promotions, and training. It also supports functions like bookkeeping.

However, creating and merging reports from multiple sources like HRIS and payroll systems can be complex and time-consuming. This complexity increases when HR holds information that is hard to access, requiring manual report handovers.

Deel EOR addresses these challenges by offering a centralized system. It enables seamless data integration and access for all departments.

With Deel, you can manage data from your entire global workforce using a single dashboard. You’re able to generate highly interactive and tailored reports on:

  • Country-specific headcount
  • Total employer costs across different hiring methods
  • Retention
  • Attrition
  • Time off

Plus, Deel’s integration and open API let you sync data across your tech stack for more comprehensive reporting.

✨ Discover how Palm NFT Studio uses visual graphs and analytics to analyze its workforce data with Deel.

I can really appreciate how the data is presented, making it easier for me to explore and extract relevant information to make more informed decisions.

Anita Smith, Head of People, Palm NFT

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Deel HR analytics dashboard

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Drive operational performance with Deel EOR

Identifying areas for improvement in HR processes and systems is crucial for driving operational efficiency. Ensuring adherence to HR best practices is also important for aligning HR functions with organizational goals.

However, the fragmentation of data makes it challenging to effectively analyze information.
Deel EOR consolidates your global HR data, enabling you to:

  • Present stakeholders with digestible and comprehensive status updates
  • Identify trends that highlight strengths and weaknesses in HR operations
  • Build business cases for strategic improvements

Deel’s in-house team of experts is also available to provide guidance on workforce management strategies. This assistance helps optimize your workforce strategy and stay ahead of industry changes.

✨ Discover how Tiny Studio saves over $40,000 annually by streamlining more than 10 HR processes with Deel.

It is a relief to have Deel HR because I can get comprehensive dashboards easily and access the data I need from any aspect of my team.

Oliver Low, CEO, Tiny

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Engage your workforce

Employee engagement boosts innovative workplace behavior. Engaged workers are also more likely to contribute positively to business performance. However, effectively engaging a globally dispersed workforce can be challenging.

Hindrances like time zone variations can make it difficult to create a sense of connection and value for everyone. Additionally, excessive HR tools can lead to confusion and a fragmented employee experience, which hinders productivity and morale.

Deel EOR, when used alongside Deel Engage, makes it easier to connect with and motivate workers across different locations. This makes everyone feel valued and part of the company’s mission.

Deel Engage is an AI-powered comprehensive suite of tools that enhances the employee experience. It includes:

  • 360° performance reviews: Provides contractors and full-time employees with a holistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Training library of external and internal courses: Demonstrates the company’s investment in growth, increasing workers’ commitment and engagement
  • Competency-based career progression frameworks: Makes career paths more transparent and achievable, boosting employee motivation
  • Slack HR plugins: Improves collaboration and communication, helping international employees feel more connected to the company and its goals

✨Discover how reev enhances talent management, boosts the employee experience, and saves four months of HR work with Deel.

Deel Engage is our all-around tool for career and personal development processes, connecting all the dots at once. This allows us to have a data-driven talent management process.

Christina Bacher, Team Lead, People and Organisation , reev

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Deel Engages feedback user interface

Hire and manage global talent smoothly with Deel EOR

Managing top global talent requires an equally top-notch tool, and that’s Deel EOR, an all-in-one platform.

Deel makes hiring, onboarding, and managing your global team easier while ensuring compliance with local labor laws. You can:

  • Hire in a foreign country without setting up a legal entity
  • Offer competitive salaries to motivate workers to perform at their best and stay with the company
  • Develop your workforce
  • Centralize and streamline HR data and documents
  • Manage payroll, taxes, and benefits administration in accordance with local regulations
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics to make informed decisions based on data
  • Provide various payment options for your global team
  • Offer a self-serve platform for workers to access their personal information

If you need extra support, a team of experienced HR and legal experts is available to assist you.
Book a demo to see how Deel EOR services can meet your needs for managing a global workforce.

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